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Which Types of Lock Are The Best?

Which Types of Lock Are The Best?

We rank different types of locks  based on their sophistication and functionality

Whether you’re trying to secure your entire home or just your bike, having the best type of lock is vital. It is the only barrier you have between yourself and the dangers outside. Having the right locks can save your property, but how do you know which one is the best?

There are many types of locks out there, each with a different level of sophistication and functionality. Not all locks are created equal, with some styles and brands being easier to pick. To help you pick the right one, we rank the different types of locks and find out which one is the best for you.

Why rank different lock types?

If you look on the internet, there’s barely any proper ranking for different lock types. There are small forums and even discussion boards that discuss the difficulty of various locks, but there isn’t a definitive list of lock types or the security they can offer.

There’s also the problem of branding. Some people believe that some brands are superior, but this really depends on the sophistication of the lock used. Many locks, like removable core locks, lack the sophistication other locks have, while ancient lock styles like Mallory Wheelers offer less protection, even with their sophistication.

Which locks are the best?

With all this in mind, the team at Ambassador Locksmiths has compiled a list of lock mechanisms and ranked them, so you can be more informed in your choice.

Which Types of Lock Are The Best? » Types of Lock

Barrel Bolt Lock

Among the different types of locks, we give the lowest rank to the barrel bolt lock. Barrel bolts are the simplest locks out there as their mechanism of action is simple to use. Barrel bolts use a rod-shaped bolt for fastening onto a frame. The bolt slides along a negative frame and connects to a socket.

Among all types of locks, it’s hard to consider these even as ‘locks’. They miss the right mechanisms and offer minimal safeguard to intrusion, but many Australian households still use these locks because they’re cheap and easy to use.

Barrel bolts are decent as secondary door locks for less important entrances to your house. For any real protection, however, households need to move to a better lock.

Which Types of Lock Are The Best? » Types of Lock

Steel Pin Padlocks

Steel pin padlocks offer an ounce more protection compared to barrel bolts. Steel pin padlocks are the absolute minimum lock if you want to prevent intrusion, making them great barriers for the average garage door, shed, or storage containers.

A steel pin padlock has a thick, laminated steel, hardened shackle, and dual ball bearing locking. The sophistication of a steel pin padlock depends on a few details. Every brand is different and can range from ‘potato-grade’ protection to ‘top-notch’. For example, some brands use a 4-pin configuration without a spool and false sets. These kinds of padlocks can be bypassed by a novice locksmith or lock picker.

In the same vein, there are also steel pin padlocks using standard pins and spools, such as the Abus 65/40, which are ideal for different levels of use.

Which Types of Lock Are The Best? » Types of Lock

Combination Locks

Combination locks are more sophisticated.. They’re great for general purpose use at home or for a business. A good combination lock can give you the protection you need.

How do combination locks work? Depending on the design, they normally use internal cams. Cams are a type of physical intrusion that interlocks with surface or another cam.

Combination locks have three to ten cams inside. Each cam has a tooth that interacts with another cam. Their purpose is to engage the lock’s hasp or locking mechanism. This level of sophistication makes it a superb choice as long as you can remember the combination.

The protection of your property using a combination lock depends on you. You can use as little as a three-number combination to something as complex as ten. While more numbers mean more things to remember, they also mean tighter security.

Which Types of Lock Are The Best? » Types of Lock

Double Block Locks

Double block locks are some of the biggest and strongest on this list. They’re simple to use and simple to install, but hard to break. These locks are not the most sophisticated options, but they do their job well.

To understand double block locks, imagine a barrel lock that is twice as thick and reinforced. Instead of a simple push release, add a 6-pin oval cylinder with a removable core. It sounds complicated, but it’s a simple locking mechanism. The materials many double block locks use are top-notch, and the only way to break them is through heavy-duty power tools or advanced lock picking.

The double block is useful in businesses and industrial applications. If there’s a room people need to secure, it’s usually this type of lock that protects it.

Which Types of Lock Are The Best? » Types of Lock

Digital Push locks

Digital push locks are among the most secure options for security. Much like an average combination lock, it’s hard to unlock a digital push lock without destroying it. Unless you have a background as a locksmith, you’ll probably need to break it.

The right digital push lock can give you as much protection you need, however. These locks are usually used on office doors and homes in subdivisions. They don’t use pin tumbler locks, so they’re impossible to pick. Digital push locks are best to use for main doors, bedrooms, office doors, and anything that needs reliable protection.

Some padlocks are harder to pry-open than push locks. Regardless, the fact that people need a digital combination is a great deterrent.

Ask an Expert Newcastle Locksmith for the best types of locks

Different types of locks offer a variety of sophistications, functions, and price ranges. Some can cost $10 while others can cost as much as $1,000. Take into account what you’re trying to secure and the level of protection you want and need. If you’re protecting a shed, a simple barrel bolt should be enough to cover. For your main door or office, it’s best to get the most secure protection you can find.

Start by consulting an expert locksmith such as Ambassador Locksmiths, in Newcastle, to get the best advice. Upgrade your security with sophisticated locks and ensure high level of protection for your house, valuables and family.

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