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Are Master Key Systems Still Worth It Today?

Are Master Key Systems Still Worth It Today?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you keep and use many keys. A quick look at your keyring would confirm that you likely have keys other than your house keys and car keys. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s easy to handle.

However, the same does not apply to buildings with hundreds of offices and rooms. It will be challenging to keep track of all the keys, and that would often lead to confusion. That is why a master key system has become essential.

Master key systems make it possible for a key to be able to open two doors. Still, the specific key of one door will not open the other. Business and landowners find it convenient to have the option to access different areas of their properties.

Although not all are completely sold on the idea that master key systems are worth it today, it is important to learn how the system works and where it can be used to convince other people of its benefits.

Are Master Key Systems Still Worth It Today? » Master Key System

How Does a Master Key System Work?

The way a master key system works depends on the locks and the keys. Locks are usually of the pin-and-tumbler design where the key notches push the pins in the lock upwards, successfully unlocking it. The locks involved in master key systems are made in such a way that they work with more than one key. The design of the lock and the keys are essential in creating master key systems.

There are different keys involved in a master key system, which allows people in different levels and positions to get access to particular areas of the property only.

  • Change Key

The change key, which is also referred to as “sub-master key,” can only open one lock and other locks that are similar to it. The lock that the change key opens can be opened by the master key and other higher-ranking keys.

  • Master Key

Some properties have the master key as the highest-ranking key. If the master key didn’t exist, there would only be one key for a lock. The master key is necessary so that you can still open the lock even if the change key gets lost.

  • Grand Master Key

A grand master key is even more significant than a master key because it can open more than one master key system. Because it can open different master key systems, this includes change keys within the same system.

  • Great Grand Master

The great grand master key opens all the grand master key systems, so it can be used to open basically everything within the property or the building.

Are Master Key Systems Still Worth It Today? » Master Key System

Where Can Master Key Systems Work?

Master key systems work in a lot of properties and scenarios. It may be used in homes, residential areas, businesses, or public institutions. It can be advantageous anywhere that needs restricted access and advanced security.

Apartment complexes

Having a master key system is extremely common in apartment complexes because it allows the owner to have access to every apartment they’re renting without needing a lot of keys. In case of any emergency or even anything suspicious that authorities would require to search, the landlord can easily open the apartment.

Company buildings

Businesses security and maintenance personnel must be granted access to particular areas of the property to do their job. Master key systems give them the convenience of not having to switch from one key to another as they go around. In case anyone inadvertently leaves anything of importance inside the office, they can easily get access with the help of the maintenance personnel.


Students may accidentally lock themselves inside various rooms, and teachers and school staff must be able to open the door immediately before any accident occurs. Every minute is precious, and scrambling through lots of keys through trial and error may result in unfortunate incidents. Having a master key system will make the school safer, and the management team will be on top of things.

Are Master Key Systems Still Worth It Today? » Master Key System

Benefits of Master Key Systems

There are plenty of reasons why master key systems are still effective for any properties. It’s a popular security choice because it is so effective and easy to use. All an owner needs to do is hire a locksmith for installation and teaching how to manage all the locks.

1. Improved security

The master key system can restrict certain areas, so the management can control who can get access to specific rooms. A master key system allows for hierarchy access of different levels. This improves security because not everyone can access each other’s change keys to their personal area, but higher-ups do have a key that won’t restrict them.

2. Convenience

It is highly convenient to have a master key system because this means that employees don’t have to carry so many keys around. A room would only require two keys to be made, a change key and a master key. Bigger areas might require a grand master key and great grand master key, but that would still be several keys instead of a lot of unique keys. Maintenance staff and landlords don’t need to have a heavy ring of keys to be granted access.

3. Increased efficiency

Having only one or several keys for an enormous property will save everybody time when a particular room has to be opened. Landlords can access all the apartments should it be required. For buildings and private properties, security personnel can open offices for inspection and nightly patrol. Master key systems will save everyone time.

Are Master Key Systems Still Worth It Today? » Master Key System

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