Master key systems

If you want to reduce the number of keys needed to access the locks in your home or business, or if you want to restrict access to certain areas, then you need a master key system. Ambassador Locksmiths are the experts at designing the most appropriate master key system specifically for your security needs. We provide systems for all sizes of business – from a single office space to a multi-storey high rise.

Want even more security? Get a Restricted Master Key system

If you are serious about the security of your home or business, then consider a Registered Restricted Profile Master Key System. This is similar to a standard Master Key system except the lock barrel is a registered, designed keyway that will allow only our specialty keys to pass. Keys for this system can only be obtained upon recept of a signatory that is kept on file. (Similar to how a cheque account works.) This stops unauthorised key duplication. 

A Restricted Master Key system…

  • Limits access to particular areas of your home or business
  • Provides a higher level of security – with no unauthorised key duplication
  • Ensures perfect keys that work every time because they are cut to code, not duplicated from worn and damaged keys
  • Gives you your own Key Manager software to control your systems.

A Master Key System allows you to have one key to open all locks, with other levels of keys having the ability to open certain pre-determined areas.

Master key systems -

This can eliminate the need to carry all those keys with you and limits the areas to which other persons have access. Whether you need to control a domestic building such as your home, or a large scale commercial or industrial complex, having total control of access to all entry points through a Master Key system makes a lot of sense.