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What is Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK)?



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There are many public facilities like toilets, changing places, and liberty swings for disabled across Australia that are locked. Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) is a system that allows the disabled to purchase an MLAK key to gain access to all such public facilities. All the public facilities using the MLAK system are fitted with a lock using the special MLAK cylinder and hence, can be unlocked only using an authorised MLAK key.

This initiative was launched back in 1994 as a joint venture between Pittwater Council, ACROD and the MLAA, before it was implemented all over the country.

What is Liberty Swing?

Liberty Swing is a facility in the public parks for children in wheelchairs. It allows them an opportunity to feel the joy of having a swing in the park. Liberty Swing is a unique world’s first Australian innovation. You can get more information about Liberty Swing here.

The Liberty Swings can be unlocked only with a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK).

Changing Places for the Disabled

Changing places for the disabled are specifically designed for both the disabled as well as their care-givers. They are more spacious than the standard toilets and have more features to accommodate the needs of people with complex needs. There are tables that can be adjusted for height, a tracking hoist system, and room for two people on either side of a peninsula toilet. These facilities throughout Australia are operated by the MLAK system.

Why are public facilities for the disabled locked?

The public facilities for the disabled are spacious and uniquely designed. As they are less occupied than the normal facilities, there is a chance that such facilities are misused by the miscreants, drug addicts, or vandals. So to prevent such elements from accessing the facilities, they are locked using an MLAK cylinder and can be opened only with an MLAK key.

How can I get an MLAK key?

Those individuals who have some form of disability or have a written authority from one of the following can purchase a MLAK key:

You must downloaded and fill an order form to purchase an MLAK key from Business Members of the Master Locksmiths Association or from the MLAA’s National Support Office.

If you wish to purchase the MLAK key from a business member of the MLAA, search for the business members online who display the sign (see below) along their listings. Such business members also display this sign on their windows.

If you would like to order it from the National Support Office instead, simply download the form which we talked about earlier, fill it and return it through email or post.

Where can I find an MLAK Public Facility?

There are a lot of local councils across Australia that have implemented the MLAK system and they can guide you about the presence of such facility in your area.

In addition, the Health Department has developed a National Toilet Map which is funded by the federal government under the National Continence Program and provides information about 19,000 public facilities across Australia.

This map includes accessibility information, opening and closing hours, and facilities one can expect in the toilets. The National Public Toilet Map is available for download as a phone app for iPhone and all Android-powered phones and tablets.

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If you have any questions or wish to know more about the MLAK system, please contact us or the MLAA’s National Support Office.