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Different Door Locks for Your Home

Different Door Locks for Your Home

Security is always a top priority for any homeowner. You want to feel safe when you are inside your home, especially if you live with your family. It can be said that the locks that you have on your doors are your first line of defence. Those with bad intentions are not easily able to target you if your house is secure.

Curious about what kind of door lock best fits your home? Here is a guide on the different door locks you can install.

1. Knob Locks

The most common type of door lock is a knob lock. Surely, we are all familiar with door knobs and their spherical shape. In order to open doors, we twist these knobs and push the door ajar.

Usually, these locks would have knobs on both sides. One side contains a lock while the other side has a keyhole where a key can be inserted to unlock the door. Knob locks are used on many different kinds of doors in a home. These may include the front door, bathroom doors, bedroom doors, kitchen doors, and rear patio doors.

It is important to remember, however, that the locking mechanism is inside the knob itself. As such, it can easily be broken with a hammer, screwdriver, or wrench by anyone trying to break in. Though this is a familiar kind of lock, knob locks are not recommended as a home’s first line of defence.

2. Lever-Handle Locks

It is certain that you have seen this kind of lock around. These lever-handle locks are frequently found on interior doors. These are known to be more stylish than your average doorknob, and are usually part of the room’s décor. Other lever-handle locks even have decorative handles. Aside from that, they are also easier to manoeuvre when opening doors. Some of the locks also do not require keys, as the locking mechanism involves pushing a button instead.

However, since lever-handle locks function much like knob locks, it is also quite easy to break them. They can be dismantled with either strong force or with particular tools. Thus, lever-handle locks are also not recommended as the main security lock on any door.

3. Deadbolt Locks

In terms of durability and cost-effectiveness, deadbolts are the locks to look to! They are incredibly secure; used most often as the locks for a house’s main entrance and external doors.

These locks slide into the door jamb using a metal bolt, which is controlled by a latch within the door. A keyhole is on the other side, which locks the deadbolt from outside. There are four types of deadbolts, each structured differently. They are single deadbolts, double deadbolts, jimmy-proof deadbolts, and captive deadbolts.

A disadvantage is that if someone gains access to the house through another entrance, the door can easily be opened from inside using the thumb turn. However, it is most secure in the sense that is it quite difficult to dismantle from the outside. If you compare deadbolt locks with knob locks and lever-handle locks, deadbolts outweigh them both in terms of protection and security.

4. Electronic Keypad Locks

Another type of door lock is the electronic keypad lock. These are electronically-controlled locks that use numbered keypads and passwords. These require you to input a certain numbered code or password for you to unlock the door. Although these locks are more expensive than the three previously mentioned, they are also some of the most secure ones. Electronic keypad locks cannot be dismantled easily, and therefore add to the security of your home.

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