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Changing Locks: A Must When Moving into a New House

Changing Locks: A Must When Moving into a New House

In any home, security is a top priority. For those buying a new place, keeping yourself protected from intruders can give you peace of mind. Changing locks in a new home, therefore, is crucial.

While you can get new keys once you move to your new home, changing locks is vital. There are too many risks that come with keeping your new home’s lock as is.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the reasons why you should change your keys when moving to a new home. Whether you’re renting or buying your own home, this is a key security improvement.

Changing Locks: A Must When Moving into a New House » Changing Locks

Why changing locks is inevitable for new homeowners or tenants

When you first get the keys to the door of your new abode, you wonder. How many key duplicates do people have of your new place? You can assume they will have at least one, which can be a problem.

If they have a copy of your keys, they can access your home any time they want. Sure, that might be unlikely, but are you willing to risk it? Having a professional locksmith come over and handle the replacement is a good thing to do.

For people who are renting, the same is true. You want to change the locks of your new home to deter old tenants from intruding. After all, anyone who rented before you will likely have a copy of your keys, which is trouble. You will need to discuss this with your landlord, but they have an interest in keeping the property safe.

Any stranger who has a copy of the old keys can go in with impunity and do whatever they want. This kind of negligence will open you up to burglary and intrusion.

Thirty-eight per cent of Aussies permanently lose an item every year, often a house key. Your landlords and former homeowners would have at least lost them once. If this happens, a way to access your home is out there in the wild, and that’s not something you want.

By changing your locks, you’re assuring yourself that nobody can surprise you in your sleep. It’s your new home, so your protection is your top priority.

Another reason to change your locks is insurance. If someone steals from you and your insurance doesn’t see signs of forced entry, expect problems when claiming anything. Any negligence on your part will cost you a good chunk of money and your possessions.

Changing Locks: A Must When Moving into a New House » Changing Locks

Your options when changing locks

When changing the locks on your doors, you have the option to rekey or replace them altogether. There are different advantages to each, depending on how secure you want your home to be.

Re-keying or changing locks on your doors, windows, and even garage doors will affect the level of security you have.

Re-keying your home means having a locksmith adjust and change the tumblers of the locks. This move prevents old keys from working without having to strip the knobs from the door. A re-key has two significant benefits: convenience and security.

It offers you the convenience of using a single key for all your doors. This process is great if you are renting out your property. If you have a housemate that needs shared access, a re-key is also a better choice.

Another advantage of a re-key is security. Doing a simple re-key will render any of the old keys useless. It removes access to anyone who had access before. It will be enough to deter unwanted family members, former housemates, and even old tenants.

Changing Locks: A Must When Moving into a New House » Changing Locks

Why hire a professional locksmith to change your locks

Changing your locks in full can be a challenge, so a professional locksmith needs to do it for you. A full lock change can be a good option if a rekey is not something you want. This method has its advantages.

If you think there’s a fault in your actual lock, removing it is vital. A compromised lock can make your home easy for burglars to force open. By removing the single weak link in your home, you can sleep safe knowing your locks will hold up.

Another advantage of changing locks is increased accessibility. A new lock means you can personalise with its style. You can fit the new lock according to your accessibility needs or the others in your home.

Changing your locks is also a matter of aesthetics. Changing the handle style, colour, or design will make your doors look nicer.

Changing Locks: A Must When Moving into a New House » Changing Locks

Final tips when changing locks

There are a few crucial details that you need to remember when trying to change the locks for your home.

If your new house is 100% brand new, some locksmiths might not do a lock replacement. Many new homes, especially ones in gated subdivisions, will have a master key system with the developer. These are to let subcontractors in, so you need to talk to your developer.

When choosing between DIY and hiring a professional locksmith, consider experience. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to have a locksmith do the work for you. Professional locksmiths not only do the job fast, but they also do it neatly – without ruining your entryway.

You also need to know the number and details of the locks you want the locksmith to work. Every visit to the locksmith entails a potential service fee. Knowing how many replacements you need gives them time to prepare and saves you money on the service.

It’s best practice to schedule an appointment ahead. The purpose of scheduling ahead is to have the locksmith prepare new locks and keys for you. Preparing it in their shop saves you a ton of money and time once the smith’s at your home.

You would also want to consider the budget that you have for the entire replacement. Knowing your budget gives the locksmith a way to offer you several options.

Changing your locks when moving to a new home is a crucial security move.

Make sure that nobody else can access your home and go in without permission. Whether you’re trying to prohibit former owners or actual burglars, it’s vital to call a locksmith to do the work.

Are you looking to secure your home? Talk to a professional locksmith now and see the choices that you have. Securing your home gives you the peace of mind you need.