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Are Key Duplicates Still Important?

Are Key Duplicates Still Important?

Nowadays, having no duplicate keys for your room, your house, or even your car, is unheard of. It is quite frustrating to get locked outside your home just because you left your key inside, and you do not have a duplicate key anywhere. You are then forced to break a window, pry the door open, or eventually contact a locksmith nearby to help and assist you get in. There is, however, a way to avoid all the hassle. Let a Newcastle locksmith duplicate your keys beforehand!

Getting stranded outside your premises could’ve been avoided if you had the forethought of duplicating your keys. Prevention is better than cure after all. Our professional locksmiths can easily cut and duplicate your keys. We provide quality, friendly and professional locksmith services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why key duplicating is important

Key duplication can save you a lot of money.

It is cheaper to duplicate keys than to hire emergency locksmith services. Not only do you save money from the duplication itself, but also from spending money while you’re stuck outside.

It saves you a lot of time.

The time you spend stranded outside because you have no duplicate keys is wasted. Calling and waiting for the locksmith also adds to the lost time.

It saves you a lot of effort and energy.

Imagine yourself going home after a long day of work, and that you are quite ready to take your shower and relax the night away. Arriving home, you suddenly remember that you have left your only key inside your house. Frustrating, isn’t it? That is why it is essential to have duplicates of your keys.

Do not attempt to open your locks without experience. Using bobby pins or credit cards to pick locks or slide latches is not an option as they will only add more stress to you and not unlock the door. Do not also attempt to look for unlocked windows or try to pry them open. Not only is it dangerous, but once other people see you do this, they might be drawn to do the same as soon as you leave the house some another time. You may also damage windows making them less secure.

Tips on key duplicating

Hide your spare keys somewhere hidden and safe or with someone you trust who is accessible. Don’t forget to rotate where you hide them. A survey regarding home security and burglary conducted by Budget Direct Home Insurance involving 1000 Australians, revealed that 35% of them leave their spare keys outside. Burglars already know this. Underneath the doormat, above the windowsill, and under the flower pot are no longer ideal options. It is better to leave your spare keys with your spouse, a nearby friend, or your trusted neighbour.

If ever you do lose your duplicates, it is important to have your locks changed immediately.

This is to make sure that your home is safe from people who might use your lost duplicate key to enter your home.

Changing the locks is usually done when you move in a new house. This is since a lot of people may have been using the same keys as you are. They may have made different copies of those keys. These people may include the previous owners, their relatives or friends, the contractors and subcontractors, and maybe the locksmith from that house that you do not know. Note that you will need a trusted locksmith for your lock changing services.  

It is also wise to have “do not duplicate” (DND) keys made for your locks.

These keys have literally the words ‘DO NOT DUPLICATE’ printed on them. Usually, businesses like to keep track of keys to ensure safety, especially from former occupants and employees, so they print these words on their keys. Key cutters are not supposed to duplicate these keys unless there is a written and signed letter or permission from the owner. You may opt to do this when duplicating your keys. It is one way to add security to your locks and, ultimately, your home.

However, some locksmiths could still duplicate keys with DND. Unauthorised key duplication continues to be a grave threat to security today. It is the single most violated security policy in business. A key stamped with DND may actually provide a false sense of security as locksmiths may still duplicate them. Clients who desire more effective protection are advised to purchase patented key control systems.

You might opt for restricted keys.

There are other types of keys available to help ensure your security. Some keys are illegal to duplicate, these are called ‘restricted’ keys. The duplication rights are limited to the key’s original manufacturer. These are hard to duplicate due to their intricate design and require specific tools to manufacture. Their patents are protected and provide a higher level of security.

These restricted keys do not look like normal keys, and professional locksmiths know how to identify them. The duplication of these keys in restricted by law. Certain keys marked as ‘MASTER’, ‘GMK, OR ‘MK’ require authorisation before duplication. These are advanced security measures in case you do lose your key or duplicate and highly value your security.  

Working closely with your locksmith is indeed vital.

It is critical that you trust your chosen locksmith. They are professionally trained and highly skilled to duplicate keys and unlock your locks. Locksmiths are to keep secure their specialised knowledge and skills to guard their clients and their community. They are expected not to take advantage of their lock smithing skills. In a nutshell, they must keep confidential any knowledge that comes their way due to the nature of their job – from your personal information to your lock locations and combinations.

It will also pay to get into the habit of always checking you have your keys with you before you lock the door. It will help you save money, time, and energy.

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