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When Should You Change Your Locks

When Should You Change Your Locks

Putting a lock on your home is your first step to making your home safe from intruders. However, if you want to take your safety seriously, it should not stop there. For most people, changing locks is not really a priority. We go on with our lives, and eventually, we get busy and forget about it.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2.5%, a total of 228,300, households in Australia experienced a burglary between 2016 and 2017. Most of these households have experienced property stolen while some have had property damage or personal confrontations. You might think that that is a small percentage. However, you can easily be part of the statistic if you do not ensure that you change your locks at the right time.

You’ve had the same lock for years.

Having the same lock for a long time can pose many problems. For one, your keys may be worn out already, and it would be the perfect time to change locks. There are instances when you might have given spare keys to other people. A contractor, neighbour, or friend. Other members of the family may have let someone borrow the key and forgot to ask it back. These people, either strangers or people we know, may misplace these keys or entrust them to someone we don’t know. Changing locks every after few years can eliminate this safety issue.

When you’ve just moved into a new house.

You’ve moved into a new house, and it has a complete locking system. Do you bother changing them? The answer is a big yes. There is a massive chance that even if the previous owners have surrendered the keys to you, they may have unknowingly given other family members and friends that have not returned the keys to them. It is a common and responsible practice to change the lock whenever you move to a new place. Change not only the door locks but windows and garage locks as well.

When you have experienced a break-in

After you have suffered a break-in, you contact the police first and make everyone in your family is safe. As traumatic as it is, you have to stay focused and prevent this incident from happening again. Immediately after a break-in or attempted break-in, it is mandatory to change your locks. Whether your lock was picked or the burglars entered through other openings to your house, the incident automatically weakens the integrity of your lock system.

Someone in the neighbourhood was burglarised.

When you are confronted with a recent burglary incident in your neighbourhood, it is a safety precaution for you to change your locks. There is a likelihood that these burglars have been on surveillance on your street. To be safe and secure, make sure that aside from alerting the police, change all of the locks in your home and be more vigilant. Avoid putting your keys in places outside your house, such as under the rug or pots, because you’ll never know if someone has seen you.

After a divorce or a break-up

As painful as it is, after a divorce or a break-up is a time for you to change your life literally. Do not be content that your ex has returned your key. As a general safety precaution, severing ties with a former partner also means changing your home locks to preserve your privacy.

When your roommate moves out

Even if you are still in good terms with your roommate, it is still a good practice to change your lock after they’ve moved out. You’re not sure if they have given a spare key to some other people. To be on the safe side, change or upgrade your locks and never be complacent.

When you or other family member lost keys

The moment you lose your keys, change your locks as soon as you can. You might think that you will eventually find them. But stalling can do you more harm than good. Even if you do see your keys, at work or somewhere familiar, you never know if someone has duplicated them. Put your family’s safety first. If you are the type of person who frequently misplaces or loses keys, there are other locking options available to you such as keyless locks. Upgrading your lock system may cost you money, but the safety and security that it will provide you are priceless.

After a renovation

Home renovations involve help from contractors or tradesmen. You’ve given them your full trust, including access to your home. A good time to change locks is when the renovation is complete. There’s just no way to assure who among your contractor’s employee is unworthy of trust. Always be vigilant.

When people working at your home change

Whether they be cleaners, nannies, or employees of your home business, change your locks before hiring new people to work in your home. This is critical especially if you didn’t end on good terms. Even if they weren’t given a key, they may still have acquired one. When this happens, change your locks as soon as you can.

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