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Why it’s time to install an Electronic Access Control System in Your Building

Why it's time to install an Electronic Access Control System in Your Building

Implement stricter building security with an electronic access control system.

There’s no greater importance than people’s safety and security, and it must always remain a priority. Electronic access control systems exist for this purpose. These systems are set in place to manage the access and entry of people within buildings and commercial spaces. The system grants access when a certain credential is presented, whether it is code, card, or biometrics.

As opposed to traditional security practices, electronic access can easily be customised and personalised depending on the organisation’s needs at a given moment. For big companies with buildings in various locations, an electronic system is much more convenient because it allows fast consolidation among each building.

Such security measures ensure that unwanted guests or personnel keep out of a prohibited area. It protects the business’ assets and allows access to those who administrate to determine who can enter. Every employee, no matter what position they hold, must feel safe and secure in their work environment.

Why it's time to install an Electronic Access Control System in Your Building » Access Control System

Different Types of Access Control Systems

The control system highly depends on the size of the building premises as well as the kind of building. The security for residential buildings differs from that of universities and business compounds. There are various forms of electronic access control systems that available nowadays.

1. Key cards

A key card system is when a person can be granted access by swiping or tapping the key card at the reader. Having this in place protects the properties because nobody can get in without a key card. This type of access control system is quite popular and has been around for a long time. For buildings that need to grant temporary access to individuals, key cards work best.

2. Fingerprint and eye recognition

More companies prefer biometrics because it is a keyless entry system, which means that there’s no way for anyone to accidentally lose their means of entry. Key cards grant entry, no matter who is holding it. However, with the personalised access control system, intruders would have no means of duplicating or even stealing anything to find their way in.

3. Keypads

For a simple and easy-to-use access system, keypads are the typical choice. It is necessary to note that codes can easily be written down, stolen, or shared verbally. In this case, it is not recommended to use the system for high-security rooms, unless it is one of a two-factor authentication process. This kind of system is common in restaurants and cafés restrooms.

4. Key fobs

Key fobs are electronic devices that can provide entry with just a press or a swipe through a reader. Yet another keyless entry system, it is convenient for people who tend to be holding many items while needing to gain access to a location. Although key fobs are popular for cars, this kind of access system is also a standard choice for gyms or fitness centres.

Why it's time to install an Electronic Access Control System in Your Building » Access Control System

Benefits of Electronic Access Control Systems

Security measures provide essential advantages to a company’s safety. Not only will the personnel be secured, but the assets and material items will be protected too. Access control systems are better in the long run, as they are more cost-efficient. Control systems provide plenty of benefits.

Easy identification

Control systems do not just grant entry into a particular location; they can also identify and record the person who was granted access. The history records help in monitoring the building as well as the employees. If anything of value and importance goes missing in a specific room, the records can simply be checked, and it will show the people who were previously there. That will at least narrow down people significantly.

Safety and security

Having control systems in place ensure that a building’s occupants will remain safe. Anyone unauthorised to enter will not get access. Some can also double as an intruder alarm system, which is handy for all kinds of properties but most especially for public spaces and schools. The surveillance provided by the security cameras also adds another layer of security because it allows the access point to be remotely monitored in real-time.

Incredible convenience

Because everything is electronic, access control systems allow ease of use without compromising security. It is relatively easy to get around the typical key and lock security.

Electronic access control systems are much more difficult to trick. Key cards and biometrics offer a safer environment because they can hardly be copied. At the same time, if a card or key fob gets lost, removing the access is quick and inexpensive to do.

High versatility

Complex systems present a wider range of security options such as granting access depending on the time or area. It limits the personal staff intervention just to ensure that security is still tip-top.

If many people need to access a certain area of the building at a given time, the control system is a more efficient solution in managing everything. Just the simple fact that an access control system can be modified depending on the need is already a huge plus.

Human error reduction

Sometimes, it is human error that can cause mistakes in security and monitoring. People can be persuaded, bribed, or even forced to tamper with access. A person could be talked into marking an employee present even if they did not show up to work. Others can let someone enter without proper identification. Electronic access control systems can prevent these kinds of scenarios.

Why it's time to install an Electronic Access Control System in Your Building » Access Control System

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