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What is the Purpose of a Door Closer?

What is the Purpose of a Door Closer?

A door closer has probably come up in a conversation about adding security and safety measures to your property. But what is the purpose of a door closer?

A door closer is an adjustable and spring-loaded mechanical arm that closes a door automatically after it has been opened. Door closers are usually filled with hydraulic fluid, which dampens the door swing and controls its operation. Installing a door closer adds a level of control to your door’s safety and security.

Purposes of a door closer

Door closers serve a variety of functions as they close and latch doors in a controlled operation. They maintain the fire-rating of a door, save fingers from injury, and prevent damage to property. Ultimately, door closers have the purpose of adding security and safety to your home or commercial space.

Ensures fire doors are closed

Fire doors need to be kept completely closed at all times. Doors with a fire-rating allow you to exit the property safely while keeping the smoke and fire at bay. If there is no door closer, or the door closer is not closing completely, then the fire protection mechanism is compromised. A fire door that doesn’t latch completely can lead to an unsafe passageway or stairwell, and loss of life and damage to property in the event of a fire.

Failure of a closure can be due to defects in the door and door frame itself, or a fault in the mechanism of the closer. Fire doors are often found near pressurised stairwells. If the door closer can’t close the door against unexpected air pressures, this is already a sign of compromise.

Prevents the slamming of doors

The mechanism of door closers ensures a controlled closure of the door. The damper feature keeps the force and speed of the door closure at a certain level. This is important when it comes to heavy doors and people who are vulnerable to injury.

For example, door closers prevent injury to small children and to differently-abled persons who might not be able to resist the weight of the door. Anyone who can’t move quickly enough can experience the pain of pinched fingers. People with heavy cargo, like multiple bags, can also benefit from door closers.

By preventing door slams, door closers actually prevent injury and promote accessibility.

Controls the open swing of doors

Most door closers also come with a backcheck function. Backcheck prevents doors from opening too fast, by either slowing or even stopping the door at some point of its opening swing.

The open swing of doors can be dangerous when uncontrolled, such as when winds are heavy. People can also deliberately throw open doors violently.

A door that’s been blown wide open can damage the door, door frame, adjacent walls, and other property by hitting the opposing wall and any objects in the way. A fast-swinging heavy door will also injure anyone who’s caught standing near the doorway.

Adds security through door closure

A door closer adds another level of security to a property. Since it securely closes a door after someone passes through it, your door won’t be left open for unwanted persons. You won’t have to worry about leaving the premises open for the taking to thieves or unauthorised persons.

Different types of door closers

While they all serve a similar function, there are still different types of door closers. The best model will depend on your price range as well as your needs.

There are types of door closers which are better suited to manual doors, automatic doors, and electromagnetic swing varieties. The right door closer size also influences the efficiency of the door closer. If you choose an incorrect size, it will be difficult to operate the door.

Door closers can also serve a purpose by being seen. Having an obvious door closer can communicate to people that the door swing is controlled and they don’t have to worry about any injuries. On the other hand, if you are looking for clean and modern lines around your doors, then there are concealed varieties. Some types of door closers include surface-mounted closers, and concealed in-frame, in-floor, or in-door closers.

Regardless of the type of door closer, you can rely on its effectivity as long as you hire a professional to do the installation and maintenance.

Maintaining a door closer

To fulfil their purpose, door closers need to be maintained and even replaced after several years. Different factors can lead to the need for door closer maintenance and repair.

Before installation, your door needs to be operating perfectly. There’s no sense to adding a door closer to a door that doesn’t close properly. Preparation includes lubricating hinges, tightening hinge screws, and fitting the door to the door frame.

Through the years, several problems around the door can arise. For example, you can experience door sag and fracturing, the splintering of the door frame, and frost heave. Chances are the door closer will not be working perfectly anymore when this happens.

You need to have your door closer maintained if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Failure of the door to close fully
  • Slamming of the door
  • Faster movement through the door swing-cycle
  • Oil stains on the floor, or visible hydraulic fluid leak
  • No spring tension

When a door closer is no longer doing its job, it’s not fulfilling its purpose to protect you, your property and the people in it. You need to have your door closer and system maintained. If the issues can’t be addressed through adjustments, it’s better to remove and replace.

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