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Types of Window Locks

Types of Window Locks

When you purchase a new house, or move in to a new one, you always want to make sure that all your locks are secure and installed properly. One way to ensure that your house is safe is to install reliable and sturdy locks not only on your doors but also on your windows.

Windows are potential entry points for intruders because they are discreet and can be pried open easily if the locks are not secure enough. Apart from that, windows can also be hazardous openings young children can accidentally fall from and be seriously injured. It is also important to choose the best window locks for your home because most insurance policies require homeowners to install specific kinds of locks.

Your front windows require more secure locks more than any other window on your house. Next is the basement windows which can be discreet entry points for burglars and intruders. Generally, large windows must have locks to avoid break-ins. If you have young children in your home, it is also best to install child-proof locks to keep them from falling.

Before installing window locks, you should know which type of lock best matches your window. As there are different kinds of windows, there are also different types of locks and it’s good to know their individual features.

Which type of lock do you need?

Read on to know the different types of window locks.

1. Sliding-Window Lock

This type of lock is for sliding windows. It is easy to install and can be mounted on your windows without tools. The lock, which can come in the form of a bar, a sash, or a wedge, is installed on the track to prevent the window from being opened. Some sliding-window locks can be installed with a key mechanism for added protection.

2. Keyed Sash Locks

Keyed sash locks are best suited for double hung windows. This type of lock can only be opened and closed using a key. The key should never be left in the lock, so make sure you don’t lose it.

3. Hinged Wedge Lock

Also used for double-hung windows, a hinged wedge lock works by limiting the amount a windows can be opened. This type of lock means the window cannot be forced open easily.

4. Window Latch

A window latch is a mechanism made up of two parts: a catch and a lever. A window latch is simple to install and can secure both single and double hung windows efficiently.

5. Push Lock

A push lock is a kind of lock that can be installed both on sliding, awning, and double hung windows. It is a locking bolt that can be pushed to lock and opened with the use of a key.

6. Window Pin Lock

A window pin lock is a type of lock which uses two separate parts; one installed on the window itself and one on the window frame.

Choosing the best type of window lock for your home is only the first step. It is important to have them fitted and installed to your windows by professionals. The right kind of lock will only serve its purpose when it is installed properly and precisely.

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