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Top 5 Purchases To Include In Your Business Security Budget

Top 5 Purchases To Include In Your Business Security Budget

How much you spend on the security program for your business dictates the kind of protection that you get. Allotting money for your business security is one of the best ways to protect your assets. Each business has a unique set of concerns when it comes to risk and security. It is important to assess your business and see what resources you need to acquire and reinforce.

Read on to know the top 5 purchases that your company needs to allow for in a security budget.

1. Gate Locking System

The gate to your building is the first entry point to your office. It is necessary to provide a security system that is hard to break into. Whether you choose a manual, electronic or a keyless security system, ensuring that the initial point of entry to your business is secure is your first priority.

2. Door Locks

There are many different kinds of door locks and choosing the right one for your office is imperative for your safety.  Here are some types of locks that you can choose from.

  • Knob Lock –Commonly used in residential doors, a knob lock offers a simple and primary security for doors. Knob locks can easily be forced open which is why another form of lock should be installed with them.
  • Deadbolt Lock– Deadbolt locks are inexpensive options for small businesses. They function through the use of a twist knob installed on the inside part of the door and a key which is used to open it from the outside.
  • Padlock– A padlock is a detachable lock with a U-shaped bar that comes in different sizes. Note that a padlock is fiddly and time-consuming to open in emergencies. It might not be the best choice for a door that needs locking and unlocking frequently.
  • Keyless Door Lock– This type of lock uses an electric keypad where you can enter a numerical password. This type of lock is convenient and offers maximum security.

3. Window Locks

Window locks are just as important as door locks. Even if you have the most reliable and secure lock on your doors, if your windows are easily accessible then you are still vulnerable to intruders. Inspect your windows and make sure that they are free from breaks or cracks. After making sure that your windows are in good condition, look for the best lock for the type of windows you have.


Having a CCTV in your office can provide a safer work place for you and your employees. The presence of a CCTV can significantly lower the incidence of burglaries and theft in offices. It can also help you monitor suspicious activities. However, do not skimp or save on your CCTV cameras as low quality cameras may not give you the kind of protection you need. Choose a high-resolution camera and install them in key areas around your office.

5. Alarm System

An alarm system is a device with a sensor, a control panel, and a siren that can alert you in cases of break-ins by burglars or intruders. You can choose a wire or wireless alarm depending on your budget. An alarm system in your office can alert you in case of unusual activities and some models are even integrated with a smart phone.

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