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The Top 10 Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

The Top 10 Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Increase your home security by considering these tips.

Proactive measures to secure your family and belongings are necessary to address increasing concerns about safety. It might seem tedious, but tightening security at home can lower the chances of a trip to the police station. Here are the top 10 security tips you can try to drive away burglars.

1. Always close the curtains.

Do you always leave the curtains open to keep the room well-lit? There are two reasons you should reconsider. First, potential burglars will not be able to know if someone’s home or not. Second, they will not be able to peep through the window to search for valuable items you may have in the house.

An alternate option would be to put a one-way privacy film on the windows. It still allows the light to enter the room and lets you view outside. Neighbours and possible intruders will only see a mirror reflection or a dark window. Most of these films are only effective during daytime, so make sure to close the curtains at night.

2. Invest in a doorbell camera.

A video doorbell may be pricey, but it is an excellent investment. You’ll see who’s at the door using an app even if you’re not home. You don’t need to risk opening the door to strangers since you can talk to them with the two-way talk feature.

Several video doorbells in the market also have a package detection feature. You will be notified when a package is delivered so you can pick it up before someone steals it. If you’re on a tight budget, simply installing a door peephole will still make a huge difference.

3. Reinforce the door.

Most burglars will break into your home through the door. Aside from locking doors, make sure to reinforce them. It will often take only two hard kicks to make a door open. Strengthening it will take little time and will not break the bank.

Reinforce locks with a Grade 1 deadbolt. Change the strike plate using a four-screw strike box (or higher). Lastly, have a new lip door strike plate with long screws. This will deter intruders from forcing themselves to break into your home.

4. Don’t divulge business matters.

Burglars search for hints to pinpoint houses that are the most profitable and easiest to target. Be cautious about the type of information you share unintentionally and on purpose.

It’s pretty hard to do, but you need to filter your posts on social media. Don’t publicise photos or descriptions of expensive items such as pieces of jewellery or your brand-new TV. Don’t announce your trips until you’ve safely returned home; a thief can get a hint that no one’s home.

Mind your garbage as well. Signs of recent purchases like an empty iPad or television box can entice a criminal.

5. Take the extra step of hiding spare keys.

Start rethinking where you hide the spare keys of your home. The usual hiding spots, such as under the flowerpot or doormat, are already known to intruders. They will check these locations first when trying to enter your home.

If you really need to have a spare key outside your home, consider other safer alternatives. Be more discreet and choose an unexpected spot far from the doorway. Better yet, give the spare key to a trusted friend or neighbour.

6. Use outdoor lighting.

Thieves hate the feeling of being on display when they break into a home. Having outdoor lights is a great way to do this since it will keep them moving.

Get motion-sensor lights instead of always leaving the outdoor light on. These will lighten up the yard if any movement is detected. It will catch the thief off-guard and possibly scare him off. 

7. Clean your garden.

This is one of the simplest things you can do to protect your home. Bushes and trees are good hiding spots for burglars while waiting for the perfect timing to enter your home.

A well-maintained garden implies you are proud of your home. This means burglars will no longer think that you’re an easy target after seeing that you’re organised and prepared.

8. Consider purchasing a safe.

In an ideal world, a burglar will never make it inside your home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When this happens, you want to ensure that they will not be able to steal all your valuables.

You may want to invest in a lockbox or safe where you can store jewellery, cash, and other essential documents. For bigger items such as gadgets, try keeping them in a concealed area when not in use.

Burglars want to leave your home immediately, and even the tiniest deterrent can make a difference. 

9. Protect your filing cabinet.

Burglars are not just interested in cash, electronics, and jewellery. They may also try to steal personal information such as your bank accounts.

Always store hard copies of personal documents secured in a filing cabinet. It’s also advisable to use a cable lock to link it with big furniture. The burglar will not attempt to move around heavy items if they want to leave your home quickly.

10. Invest in better door locks.

Locking windows and doors may not suffice if the locks used are of poor quality.  The hinges and door frames must be sturdy enough to withstand an attempted break-in. Exposed hinges and old doors can become a risk.

You may also want to get smart locks that can be used remotely. They provide an additional layer of security that cannot be given by mechanical key control. There are different features available such as proximity ikeys, biometric readers, and wireless Bluetooth.

Never let your guard down with Ambassador Locksmiths

Never let your guard down with Ambassador Locksmiths.

Always stay vigilant even after doing all the steps mentioned above. The last thing you want to do is to put your family and loved ones at risk.

If you’re overwhelmed with the several options for security locks in the market, never hesitate to ask for help. Ambassador Locksmiths is happy to do so! Call us on (02) 4942 2202, and our team of experts can find the right product for your needs.