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Choosing the Right Type of Lock for your Main Door

Choosing the Right Type of Lock for your Main Door

Six types of locks to consider for your main door.

Whether you own commercial or residential property, you need your door securely locked to keep your valuables safe and protected.

Whenever we think about the most recent safety precautions, we immediately think of high-tech CCTV and security devices. Nevertheless, installing the perfect door locks is among the most effective ways to protect your loved ones and valuables. It goes without saying that it’s always best to lock your door.

However, not all door locks are similar and provide the same level of security. Distinct kinds of door locks fulfil different objectives and are ideal for a variety of uses.

The security of any area is heavily reliant on the effective operation of door locks. This is why it is critical to learn the fundamentals of the many varieties of door locks and their unique characteristics.

Choosing the Right Type of Lock for your Main Door » Lock

6 types of door locks for your main door

The main door of your house requires a different level of security compared to the doors of your rooms. Here are a few locks to consider on your main and exterior doors for the maximum security of your family and belongings.

1. Entry door knob locks

Door knobs are popular for outdoor doors since they are simple to install, even on your own. In addition, they are a low-cost but secure option.

Door knobs work especially well in combination with a deadbolt mechanism. To match other door hardware, try to select from a variety of designs and styles.

2. Entry door lever locks

Lever locks are an excellent substitute for door knobs since they are easy to use and, in many cases, accessible to PWDs.

They are also simple to install on main doors. They likewise come in all sorts of contemporary and more conventional styles, which allow you to achieve your desired aesthetic. A variety of finishes is also available, so you don’t need to worry about clashing designs.

Though costs begin somewhat pricier than those of knob locks, these are still a superb bargain choice. For ultimate security, pair it with a deadbolt.

3. Smart door locks

The most modern kind of door lock is the smart lock. You will not have to bring a key whenever you’re far from home if you use the latest smart lock models. Instead, you may access the door by entering a password, pressing a key fob, or using your smartphone, depending on the type of smart lock you buy. When making your selection, take into account that some smart door locks connect with your home Wi-Fi network. Meanwhile, other smart locks require a hub in addition to your Wi-Fi network.

Aside from the ability to go keyless, another benefit of installing a smart lock is the ability to let people in virtually.

If you are concerned about installing a smart lock on your front door, don’t. You can install your smart lock or get professionals to help you.

4. Electronic door locks

Try an electronic door lock if you enjoy the notion of a keyless lock but want to avoid smart technology. These would be unlocked by entering a passcode on a number keypad. That means you would not have to lug around your keys with you every time you leave the house. You also don’t have to worry about giving key duplicates to people and losing track of them anymore.

They can be simple to install on your own, but it’s best to contact the pros to avoid any issues.

5. Deadbolts

Choose a deadbolt in conjunction with a main door knob lock or lever lock to strengthen the security of your main door.

There are single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts available in the market. Their differences are as follows:

  • A single cylinder deadbolt is key controlled through one end and has an interior lever or knob on the other side. A key on both ends is used to open a double cylinder lock.
  • A single cylinder deadbolt is popular in homes. This is because it is more convenient to forgo using keys when locking and unlocking deadbolts from inside.
  • A double cylinder deadbolt adds more protection and is a good option for a door with glass panes. This is because home invaders can shatter them in order to crank the handle and unlock the lock. If you choose this, exiting your house in an urgent situation will also take more time. As a result, building regulations may specify a single cylinder variant.

Installation is simple with a pre-drilled main door for a deadbolt. Try to get the best kinds of deadbolts for extra safety.

6. Lever handlesets

Try a handleset, which contains both a deadbolt and a handle, instead of purchasing a deadbolt individually.

Handlesets come in both conventional and modern styles and will bring your main front door a polished appearance. They also have a variety of polishes and styles to choose from.

Choosing the Right Type of Lock for your Main Door » Lock

Which door lock is the most secure?

A deadbolt combined with a locking door knob or handle is the most secure residential lock combination. Look at different grade levels when purchasing a lock. These are assigned following testing. It begins with the highest grade, one, and goes down to grades two and three.

Look for a deadbolt lock that has at least a grade two level. Grade one is a commercial classification and will most likely be more expensive. Still, you could use one for your residential property if you wanted.

When shopping for your main door lock, choose ones that are pick-resistant and shock-proof.

Choosing the Right Type of Lock for your Main Door » Lock

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