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Locks may be a small part of a house, but it can be the difference between your security and danger. Having quality locks capable of protecting your property from unauthorised entry is the job of the locksmith. The locksmith trade is one of the oldest in human history. It is believed that locksmiths emerged first in Egypt and Babylon to protect the goods they store to please their gods. In time, this profession spread throughout the world, and we now enjoy the protection locksmiths provide for our property.

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Strata Locksmith Services

A strata,  in housing terms is a real estate ownership method used for multi-level apartment blocks, especially horizontal subdivisions. Strata housing also has shared properties like stairwells, gardens, lobbies and driveways. Here are some of the general services good locksmiths offer for their customers.

The most important thing when talking about locks is its protection and how well can it withstand wear and tear and forceful break-ins. That is why it’s crucial always to have locksmith services ready to help you maintain, repair and provide the quality locks you need. For you to find the best locksmith services available, here are some pointers which you can use to make a decision.

Versatile with different locks

As technology moves forward, different types of locks are emerging in the market. Though the traditional lock and key tandem are still in demand, the electronic and digital locking systems are slowly creeping into the community. Good locksmiths are versatile enough to provide services on modern types of locks.

Reliable in different situations

There are many situations where a reliable locksmith is needed. In accidental locking’s, lock malfunctions, damaged locks due to attempted break-ins, a reliable locksmith is badly needed. An excellent locksmith service can be easily contacted for these kinds of situations and can quickly provide solutions to solve different situational problems.

Readily provides upgrades and key services.

Maintaining security is an ongoing process. It is the same with locks, which should be upgraded when possible. Locks and keys are always improving both in quality and design, and locksmiths must be aware of these changes. A good locksmith is up to date with these and can readily provide a customer with the necessary upgrade needed to maintain the security of their home.

Able to integrate with modern security systems

Good locksmith services can provide customers with an option to integrate modern security systems with their current locks. Also, locksmith services should be familiar with these advanced security systems and if possible, be able to install these kinds of gadgets as well. These modern security systems include special electronic locks, alarm systems, monitoring systems and the likes.

Help in various kinds of locks

A good locksmith will also provide services for vehicle locks, old-type locks and even help repair damaged locks. The locksmith must be versatile enough to cater to all sorts of locking mechanisms. Though electronic locks and digital security systems are gradually replacing the lock-and-key system, majority of the population will still have old padlocks safeguarding their properties. So, it is best to be versatile to get the most clients from every part of society.

Strata Locksmith » Locks

Problems solved by Strata Locksmith services.

There are many problems an owner living in strata compounds can encounter. Surprisingly, locks are one of them, and it is sometimes a pain to deal with such simple issues. Good locksmith services must provide help for these unique situations for strata homeowners.

Changing damaged locks

Strata houses regularly have aesthetic bylaws imposed by the administrator of the compound. In some cases, refitting damaged fixtures, including locks, must undergo the approval of the management to maintain the aesthetics of the area. Good locksmith services are flexible in these situations and can help you find the specific lock design preferred by Strata admins.

Additional safety regulations

In NSW, Australia, regulations are imposed on Strata buildings to install safety locks in all above-ground windows as a safety measure for children. You can have your locksmith service to check these locks to ensure their safety and avoid mishaps. As with other Strata policies, locks are uniform in design to ensure the aesthetic integrity of the compound. It is one of the things Strata homeowners must adhere to when living in such a compound.

Master Key System

There are instances where Strata buildings have a master key system for emergencies. Locksmiths need to conform with this system when repairing, and re-keying strata locks. It is essential to communicate with the strata management of their policies and get a clear idea on the dos and don’ts. There are many situations wherein strata homeowners are accused of breaching policies because of a simple lock change.