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Should I Go Keyless?

Should I Go Keyless?

10 Advantages of switching to keyless mode

Homeowners are always looking for ways to upgrade security and add value to their property and one of the easiest ways to enhance home safety is to install keyless electronic door locks. Replacing those mechanical locks with a digital system has many significant advantages:

  • Convenience
  • Improved security
  • Multiple access
  • Remote tracking

One reason why some people are hesitating to install keyless door locks, however, is the price of installation. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages of a keyless electronic lock system and see if they do justify the initial expense.

What is a Keyless Door Lock?

A keyless door lock does not require a key – the entry point is usually controlled by an electric circuit that is accessible through a keypad or remotely. These electronic smart locks are becoming more and more popular for both houses and offices, and reliable Newcastle locksmiths are always ready to help revamp any existing security system.

Top 10 Reasons to go keyless

Read on for some reasons to forego that key and still ensure security.

Should I Go Keyless? » keyless

1. No more keys

One of the biggest advantages of going keyless is convenience – no more fumbling around looking for keys or misplacing them. Keyless entry allows access by entering a code on a keypad or a secure phone app. In the event of an emergency, the manual override feature can open the lock.

Should I Go Keyless? » keyless

2. No lock outs

It’s easy to forget to pick up keys or the garage remote when one is hurrying out the door. Getting locked out is one of the most frustrating experiences, and keyless smart locks eliminate this possibility. With a keypad entry, there is no need to carry anything. Access to the front door or garage is as simple as pressing a series of buttons.

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3. Enhanced security

Some digital locks allow homeowners to monitor exactly who comes in and goes out of the property. They can also deactivate and change codes at any time.

Let’s say a tradesperson is expected to come by to make repairs inside the home. The property owner can assign a temporary code so the tradie can enter the premises when he arrives. After the job is completed, the property owner can delete the code, removing the tradie’s temporary access. The same applies to babysitters, cleaners, house sitters, and other people granted temporary access.

Keyless locks are also advantageous during the holidays. There is no need to leave a spare set of keys with the neighbours or hide them somewhere in the yard. Only those who know the code have access to the house while everyone is away on vacation.

Keyless front door locks and the garage door keypad add an extra level of security to the property. When integrated with the home alarm system, they make it more difficult for criminals to break in.

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4. Multiple access

Having a keyless entry front door and garage means that anyone in the family can come and go. There’s no need to create multiple keys and remotes or wait for someone to go home to get let in.

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5. No wiring

No wiring is needed to install entry keypads. Battery operated, just place them anywhere within range of the garage door sensors. When the correct code is entered, the sensor sends information to the motor to open the door.

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6. Easily customisable codes

It’s easy to assign a unique code to each family member and other people who may need access to the home. Parents, children, and other household members have designated codes, so they don’t have to depend on someone else to unlock the door.

Once you select a trusted Newcastle locksmith such as Ambassador Locksmiths, to install your keyless entry, it is also possible to specify times when the code will work and track who enters and leaves the property from a smartphone app.

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7. Audit trail

Typically, an app backs up some security systems. These setups make it possible to have an audit trail showing when someone uses the code to get into the house; A visible audit trail is an excellent option for property rentals and commercial spaces as they allow complete transparency and accountability that mechanical locks fail to provide.

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8. Remote monitoring

Smart homes that integrate electronic locks enable property owners to lock and unlock the front door from a remote location via smartphone. These systems also make it easy to manage the house while the family is away on vacation.

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9. Increased reliability and durability

Garage door keypads are often installed with a backup battery and surge protector. As a result, they are a more reliable way to operate the garage door without worrying about a dead remote control. Electronic locks are also more durable because they are not subjected to the repetitive friction of implanting and spinning keys.

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10. Increased property value

Installing electronic keyless locks may be an added expense but that becomes a worthwhile one when it’s time to sell the property. Smart homes are highly sought after and sell way faster than houses with outdated mechanical systems.

Types of Keyless Door Locks

Should I Go Keyless? » keyless

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are more security options today than ever before. Plenty of different keyless locks are available for a variety of budgets. The best keyless door lock depends on the type of property and who needs access to it. Some popular options include:

Electronic keypad locks – Must enter a code into a keypad or touchscreen to unlock the door. The property owner may assign different codes to different people.

Biometric locks – Probably the most secure type of digital lock on the market, biometric locks require a fingerprint or retina scan to unlock the door.

Wireless Bluetooth locks – These locks allow access via wi-fi or Bluetooth technology. With Wi-Fi, one can unlock the door from any place in the world with an Internet connection. With Bluetooth, the phone or key fob has to be near the lock to open the door.

Go Keyless with Ambassador Locksmiths

If you still haven’t made the switch, now is the time to go keyless. As we have shown, there are huge benefits to going keyless – benefits of security, flexibility and convenience that far outweigh the initial cost.

Ambassador Locksmiths offers a wide range of locking systems that work effortlessly with pin codes, RFID swipe cards, biometric readers, wireless Bluetooth, or proximity ikeys. These smart locks instantly identify and grant access to authorised persons whilst denying entry to unauthorised persons.

Ambassador Locksmiths has been serving residential and commercial clients in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas since 2000, so we can help you secure your home so that everyone feels safe.

Contact Ambassador Locksmiths today on 0407 452 424 to discuss your keyless lock options. Alternatively, just send your enquiries via info@ambassadorlocksmiths.com.au or fill in our online contact form by clicking here.