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Parts of your Door Knob and Door Lock

Parts of your Door Knob and Door Lock

Your door is the first level of protection of your home. A good quality door will be able to provide you better and more secure protection. Your door needs a mechanism for you to open it or close it effortlessly. While it allows you easy entry to your home, it must not do the same for intruders. Doorknobs and door locks work together to provide access and security, especially in exterior doors.

Door hardware plays a vital role in creating a good impression to your guests. It may be a small investment compared to the other parts and equipment that make your home, but it plays quite a significant role in keeping you safe and protecting your privacy.

What is a Door Knob?

A door knob is a type of door handle that has a round shape. It is the most common type of door handle and is used in most households. They open and close a door when twisted in either clockwise or counter-clockwise directions. When used in your main or exterior door, the door knob comes with a lock, usually placed at the centre of the door knob.

What is a Door Lock?

Your door lock primarily gives your home protection by allowing limited entry into your home. Locks are all built differently, but each type of lock has common parts that enable it to do its primary function. Keyed door knobs are a common choice of keyed door hardware. They are straightforward to use and operate and offer a traditional design and mechanism.

What Makes a Door Knob and a Traditional Door Lock

Though you may have a locksmith in your phone book for door and lock troubles, it’s still a good idea to be familiar with the anatomy of your door knob and lock. It will give you a better understanding of how it works and how it provides you and your home security and protection.

The Lock Body (Cylinder)

The lock body or cylinder is the part of the door lock where you insert your key. When you lock your door, the cylinder engages a series of pins which prevents the door from opening. When you insert the correct key, it recognises it and moves the pins into their respective places. This action releases the cylinder, allowing you to open your door.

The Bolt

The bolt, also known as the latch, is a piece of metal that extends from the door into your door frame. This piece of metal keeps your door closed. There are two types of latch available: the spring bolt and the deadbolt.

A spring bolt or latch is held in place with a spring clip. In opening the door or unlocking the bolt, the spring is compressed. In closing or locking the door, the spring is released. Doors that use a spring bolt usually lock in place when closed.

The deadbolt or a dead latch does not use a spring mechanism. It can be locked and unlocked using a key at either side of the door. This is usually more secure than a spring bolt as deadbolts are more difficult to pick or jimmy open by intruders.

The Box and Strike Plate

The box is the square shaped hole embedded in your door frame. It is where the bolt extends to when the door closes. It is designed to securely hold the bolt, when the door is closed or locked. The strike plate is the metal plate which is attached to the door frame. It guides the bolt into the lock and also provides additional protection against intruders trying to jam or forcibly open your door.

What are the Types of Door Knobs?

There are two main categories of door knobs depending on their use: interior type and exterior type. Under each category are more subcategories that you can choose from, we will just cover the main ones here.

Interior Type Door Knobs

These are door knobs made for installation and use in doors inside the house. This includes doors in bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and more. The door knob that you will use in your bathroom will most probably be different from the door knob that you will want for your closet, so it essential to choose the correct subcategory.

Privacy Door Knobs

Use privacy door knobs for doors in rooms that you want to be able to lock when you are in them. Use them for bathrooms and bedrooms, rooms where you will need your privacy the most. These door knobs do not come with a key, just a lock on the door knob itself. They are not secure enough to be used for exterior door knobs, as intruders can easily get through them.

Passage Door Knobs

This type is used in rooms where privacy is not needed at all, such as closet doors and hallway doors. Passage door knobs do not have a locking mechanism, but are still able be turned to open and close.

Dummy Door Knobs

Dummy door knobs resemble actual door knobs. However, dummy knobs are usually just used to hold on to when opening something, such as cabinets. You do not need to turn these knobs to open and close doors. Dummy knobs should never be used on doors where a locking or closing mechanism is needed.

Exterior Type Door Knobs

Exterior door knobs have a more critical function compared with interior door knobs. They are the main barrier between your home and any unwelcome intruders. Exterior door knobs have to be reliable and tough, and have a good locking mechanism.

Keyed-Entry Door Knobs

The keyed-entry door knob is the most common choice for an exterior door knob. A keyed-entry door knob comes with a key that fits into the knob’s lock. It effectively keeps out intruders and people who do not have the correct key.

Keyed-entry door knobs may be locked inside and outside the house. They most commonly need a key to unlock from outside, but not from the inside of the house.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry has been growing in popularity with the rise of technology. These doors have a secure lock which can work with a numerical code instead of a key. This is a more favourable option for people who keep forgetting or losing their keys. It also makes it easier for friends and family to enter your home without the need for extra keys.

What to Look for in a Quality Door Knob?

There is a wide range of door knobs and door locks available for you to choose from. There are several factors that buyers must consider in selecting the right door knob. Aside from knowing what type of door knob you need, here are some things that you must also think about.


Your door lock is one of the main barriers between you and potential intruders. When you buy a door knob and a door lock, choose the one that will give you the highest security. Choose high-quality door knobs that can reduce the risk of forced entry or break-ins.


If you live in a home with family, you will undoubtedly need your privacy in some parts of the house. Although the need for privacy for indoor type door knobs is not as high as exterior type door knobs, interior door knobs must still be able to lock properly for your privacy. It can save you from embarrassment and awkwardness that unintentional walk-ins bring.

Locking Mechanism

Choose a locking mechanism that will work for you and your family. Opt for one that you are comfortable with. If you’re the forgetful type, you might want the keyless option for your exterior door knob.  For interior door knobs, make sure to choose a privacy door knob with an emergency release. This way, you can have the means to open the door in case of malfunction or emergencies.


If you are buying a new door knob to replace an old one in an existing door, make sure that you get the correct size before buying. Determine the measurements of the following before making that purchase:

Backset – This is the distance from the edge of the door to the door knob’s centre.

Cross Bore – This refers to the hold along the door frame’s edge.

Door Thickness – Exterior doors are usually thicker than interior doors, so make sure to get your measurements for each door type.

Style and Appearance

Door knobs are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes. There are basic door knobs available if you are looking for more function than form. If you are looking for a more stylish option, door knobs come in many styles and designs. They go from modern or rustic, to a more classic and dramatic look. You can also choose a door knob in a flashier or more attractive colour.

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