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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Lock

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Lock

Keeping the house secure and safe is one of the main priorities at your property. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, you are well-aware of the constant worry that a lack of security can create.

To create security, most homes have top quality doors to ensure that intruders cannot easily enter your home, a gate and fence to further protect your whole property, and many people have CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and sophisticated front door locks for added safety.

All possible entry points should be considered from the doors, windows, even to the utility entrances. Of course, this includes your garage.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Lock » Garage Door Lock

Why you should secure your garage

The garage is frequently the most overlooked and taken for granted part of the home, but, like any other part of the home, it also deserves to be looked after.

Protect your car

Believe it or not, having your car in your garage does not guarantee that it will not get stolen. The police always remind homeowners to protect their cars in their garage as they would in an open street. Stolen vehicles are more often than not used to commit other crimes.

Not having a new car is also not an excuse for not securing your garage in the best way possible. A car is stolen in Australia every eleven minutes. Half of the number of vehicles stolen are taken right from the house, including driveways and garages.

Secure your car keys

There are many ways to keep your car safer and more secure. One of which is to keep your car keys out of sight and away from doors and windows. Never leave your car keys on the table or hanging on visible key hooks. Thieves usually do not want the hassle of having to look for something.

Another way of protecting your car and your property is to keep your garage door locked at all times, using only the best set of locks. But how do you choose the best garage door lock?

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Lock » Garage Door Lock

What makes a good garage door lock?

A garage door lock is different from your average door lock. They are usually designed for bigger doors, and these locks must be stronger and more durable. Here’s what a good garage door lock should be:

Compatible with your garage door

Before anything else, make sure that you choose a garage door lock system that fits your type of garage door. Some locks are made specifically for certain types of garage doors and will not work well with other types. While there are versatile garage door locks that work with different garage doors, it is still best to check the specifications of the lock or to consult with an expert on door locks. An ill-suited door lock may cause you more problems than make you feel safe.


For ultimate simplicity, go keyless. For people who are not keen on keeping or remembering where they keep their door keys, a keyless door entry system is the best option. For one, you will never again complain that you’ve lost your keys to your garage door.

Another reason for choosing a keyless entry system is that the newer models are much more difficult to hack. These keyless entry systems may use a keypad, fingerprint reader, or smart technology. Some of these systems also generate a log of all entries made through the garage door, showing you the time of each entry.

However, if you do not want to worry about your locks running out of batteries, then a high-quality keyed garage door lock system is your best bet. If you have a keyless system, you should have backup access should there be a power outage. Else, you will not be able to open your garage door at all.

Easy to install and uninstall

Even if you hire lock experts from Ambassador Locksmiths, your chosen garage door lock must be easy to install. It should not require you to create significant changes in the existing structure of your garage, which may affect its structural integrity.

In addition, it should also be easy to uninstall. People replace locks as part of their regular home maintenance, so uninstalling your garage door lock should not cause significant damage to your garage doors. An easy to install and uninstall garage door locks is quite important when you decide to have your garage door locks replaced.

Durable and Weatherproof

Garage doors are frequently exposed to elements. As such, it is vital to pick garage door locks that will not wither with constant exposure to sunlight and moisture. You would not want your garage door locks to rust in just a few months. It is fundamental to pick a garage door lock that does not get easily picked and opened. It should be made of materials that do not get drilled or damaged quickly.


A door lock system should give you peace of mind whenever you go to sleep at night. However, some people are still not convinced that an automatic keyless garage door lock system is enough to secure them and their property.

If you want the benefits of both manual and automatic lock systems, you can get both. That way, you will have more layers of security, and you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, adding a manual layer to your garage door security may be a little inconvenient, but it will also be harder for thieves to enter your home through your garage door.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Lock » Garage Door Lock

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