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Home Locks in the Digital Age

Home Locks in the Digital Age

Smart locks are the hottest thing in home security. Today’s home locks are designed to keep up with the digital age, which means protecting your home in the most secure and most convenient way possible.

Instead of requiring a key, digital home locks operate electromechanically and often communicate with a smartphone via wireless connection. Home digital locks that are available in Australia typically run on batteries and utilise Bluetooth technology.

Why install digital home locks?

1. No need for an actual key.

The most obvious advantage of smart locks is you don’t need to use an actual key. They make it quite convenient to open your front door when your hands are full. Some of the most common access methods are fingerprint scanning, PIN codes, and Bluetooth.

2. They let you connect online.

While the absence of a physical key is nice, the real advantage of digital locks is online connectivity. Instead of leaving a key under the mat, you can open your door remotely for your dog walker, home cleaner, or repairman.

Another option is to text or email a temporary virtual key to your expected visitor in case you’re not home when they arrive. You can even set a time limit for their stay and receive notifications on who has been in your house at what time.

Smart homes now make it possible to connect everything to a central hub – including security, heating, and home entertainment. You can set your lights and music to automatically turn on as soon as you open the main door.

3. They are difficult to break in.

Compared to analogue locks, digital home locks are extremely hard to break as they have sophisticated layers of protection such as 256-bit AES encryption. Digital locks are a smart choice if you have rent your properties through Airbnb or similar.

Top digital home lock options

Smart locks that are currently available in Australia operate in a variety of different ways.  Some can be installed on the deadbolt that you already have on your door, while others require installation from a locksmith. You should talk to the experts at Ambassador Locksmiths to find the right digital lock for your setup.

Note: If you are renting your home, you must ask permission first before making changes to the default lock. When you move, you may have to leave the smart lock behind if it is a permanent installation.

PIN or fingerprint locks

How many times have you forgotten your keys this week? Add fingerprint or PIN access to your door so you do not lock yourself out ever again.

Bluetooth locks

If you never leave your house without your phone, then a Bluetooth digital lock is perfect for you. You’ll be able to program your door lock to open automatically when you are within a certain distance, or shut closed a few seconds after you leave.

Bluetooth locks can also be paired with a key fob that you can lend to guests or maintenance people so they can access your home even without a compatible phone.

Wi-Fi locks

A smart lock with Wi-Fi connectivity can link to your home network for a completely keyless entry. Whether you are on the road or up in the air, you’ll be able to keep track of who enters and leaves your house – as long as your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is connected to the internet. You can even tell Siri to unlock your front door when you come back and are within range.

Smart padlocks

Your front door is not the only access point that you need to secure. Consider purchasing a smart padlock with Bluetooth connectivity so you can lock important documents. These can last years before needing to be recharged, and will stay locked if the battery does run out.

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