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Everything You Need to Know About Push Bolts

Everything You Need to Know About Push Bolts

Push bolts, their types and features.

Push bolts are a type of lock that is frequently used to secure windows and doors. They are simple to lock or unlock from inside the house by pressing a button or lever.

Types of Push Bolts

Push bolts come in various types to cater to different security applications. Here are some common types of push bolts:

  • Spring push bolts

Spring push bolts are a type of locking device designed with a built-in spring mechanism that locks the bolt in place when the door or window is closed. They provide an extra layer of security and are easy to install and use.

  • Deadlocking push bolts

Deadlocking push bolts are a specific type of locking mechanism designed to provide enhanced security and resistance against forced entry attempts. These bolts offer a combination of push bolt functionality and deadlocking features, making them particularly effective in securing doors and windows that are vulnerable to tampering.

  • Keyed push bolts

Keyed push bolts are a type of locking device that combines the functionality of a push bolt with a keyed lock mechanism. These bolts offer both convenience and security by requiring a key to operate the locking mechanism with the added protection of a push bolt.

Benefits of Push Bolts

Benefits of Push Bolts

Push bolts offer a range of benefits that make them a preferred choice for security applications.

Here are some key advantages of using push bolts:

Ease of installation and use

One of the primary benefits of push bolts is their ease of installation and use. You can easily insert or remove them — saving time and reducing labour costs.

Quick-release functionality

Push bolts feature a quick-release mechanism, which can be advantageous when you frequently assemble, disassemble, or make adjustments.

Strong and reliable hold

Despite their quick-release functionality, push bolts provide a strong and reliable hold. The plunger mechanism ensures a tight fit, minimising the risk of unintentional disengagement. This reliability is crucial in applications where a secure connection is essential.

Reusability and adjustability

Push bolts are designed to be reusable, allowing for multiple insertions and removals without compromising their functionality or integrity. This feature provides flexibility for adjustments, repositioning, or temporary installations. It reduces waste and saves costs in the long run.

Wide availability

Push bolts are readily available. You can buy them at local hardware stores and online marketplaces.

Applications of Push Bolts

Push bolts can be used effectively in home security to enhance the protection of doors, windows, and other access points.

Here are a few ways push bolts are utilised in home security:

Door security

Push bolts can be installed on exterior doors to provide an additional layer of security. They are often used as secondary locks or reinforcement for existing locks. Installing push bolts at the top and bottom of the door can strengthen the door’s resistance against forced entry attempts.

Window security

Intruders see windows as a vulnerable point of entry into your home. Push bolts can be installed on your windows to secure them from unauthorised access. Adding push bolts to the frame or sash of windows can prevent them from being opened from the outside, even if the window lock is compromised.

Sliding door security

Sliding glass doors are popular entry points for burglars. Push bolts can be used to secure sliding doors in the closed position, preventing them from being forced open. By installing push bolts at the top and bottom of the sliding door frame, you can reinforce the security of your sliding doors.

Room security

Push bolts can also be installed in rooms that require enhanced privacy or restricted access. For example, they can be installed on bedroom doors, home offices, or rooms containing valuable possessions. This provides an additional layer of security within your home, preventing unauthorised entry.

Temporary security measures

Push bolts are versatile and can be used as temporary security measures when you are away for an extended period or when added security is needed. They can be easily installed on doors or windows to provide extra protection until more permanent security solutions are available.

It’s important to note that while push bolts offer added security, they should not be considered the sole security measure for your property. They are typically used in conjunction with other security devices, such as deadbolts, window locks, security cameras, and alarm systems, to create a comprehensive home security plan.

How to Choose the Right Push Bolt for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Push Bolt for Your Home

Choosing the right push bolt for home security is crucial for peace of mind and optimal protection. Some factors to consider when selecting a push bolt for your home security needs include the following:

Security requirements

Assess your home’s security needs and determine the level of protection you require. Consider factors such as the crime rate in your area, the vulnerability of entry points, and your personal preferences for security. This will help you choose a push bolt that provides the appropriate level of security for your home.

Type of entry point

Identify the specific entry points you want to secure, such as doors, windows, or sliding doors. Different push bolts are designed for specific areas, so selecting the right type for each entry point is essential. For example, deadbolt push bolts are commonly used on doors, while window push bolts are specifically designed for securing windows.

Material and durability

Look for high-quality materials such as solid brass, stainless steel, or hardened steel that offer strength and resistance against tampering or forced entry attempts. The push bolt should be able to withstand external elements and daily use without compromising its functionality.

Locking mechanism

Look for push bolts with reliable and secure locking mechanisms, such as deadlocking or key-operated locks. Deadlocking push bolts provide an extra level of security by preventing forced entry attempts, while key-operated push bolts offer controlled access.


Consider the ease of installation of the push bolt. Some push bolts require professional installation, while others can be easily installed as a DIY project.


Ensure that the push bolt is compatible with your existing doors, windows, or frames. Consider factors such as the push bolt’s size, shape, and mounting options to ensure a proper fit and functionality.

Choosing a push bolt that integrates well with your existing security setup is likewise important.

Brand reputation and reviews

Brand reputation and reviews

Research reputable brands that are known for manufacturing reliable and high-quality push bolts. Read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction of users with a particular push bolt model. This will help you make an informed decision and choose a push bolt with a track record of reliability.

If you are still contemplating on which push bolt is best for your home security, consider seeking advice from security professionals like Ambassador Locksmith. We can assess your specific needs, provide expert recommendations, and ensure that you choose the most suitable push bolt for your home security requirements. Call us today on 0407 452 424 for enquiries.