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Deadbolt vs. Deadlatch

Deadbolt vs. Deadlatch

A safe and secure home needs a reliable locking mechanism. Crimes like robbery and homicide can be prevented if homeowners invest on a reliable lock. There are different kinds of locks that you can purchase to keep your home safe from intruders and it is important to know the difference between them. The two kinds of locks commonly used are the deadbolt and deadlatch.

What is a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt lock is a kind of lock that can only be opened through the use of a key. Because it is not spring activated and is typically made of steel or brass, it cannot be broken easily. These added protective features make the deadbolt lock one of the most reliable and commonly used locks.

Types of deadbolt

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

A single cylinder deadbolt is a type of lock that can be locked from the inside by a turn mechanism and can be locked and opened from the outside with a key.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

A double cylinder deadbolt is a type of lock that requires a key to lock and unlock both from the inside and the outside. It does not have the turn mechanism that a single cylinder deadbolt normally has. Because of this, a double cylinder deadbolt is deemed to be a safer kind of lock than a single cylinder bolt.

Keyless Deadbolt

As the name implies, the keyless deadbolt does not require a key to open or close your door. In place of a keyhole is a keypad where you input a numerical password. This is a great lock for people who prefer a more convenient and safer way to lock their homes. This device also has some safety features such as an alarm that will sound after a certain number of incorrect inputs.

Vertical Deadbolt

Bolted inside your door, a vertical deadbolt automatically locks when you close your door. Although bulky, a vertical deadbolt is more secure because it cannot be easily forced open.

Rim Deadbolt

The rim deadbolt is installed on the inside part of the door and locks automatically when you close the door. This type of lock can be easily pried open and is not the type of lock for those looking for a secure and sturdy lock.

What is a deadlatch?

A deadlatch is a mechanism that self-locks when you close the door. This single point locking mechanism is a safe and secure lock that functions through the retraction of its latchbolt and guardbolt. This spring-loaded type of mechanism makes the lock hard to pry open with a flat tool like a knife or a credit card.

Types of deadlatch lock

  • Bored Deadlatch – A bored deadlatch is a type of lock that has round bored openings on the door and is operated by a thumb turn and a key.
  • Mortice Deadlatch– This type of deadlatch is installed at the edge of the door and has a rectangle-shaped cavity for its lock.

Which is better, a deadbolt or a deadlatch?

A deadbolt lock can be locked and unlocked only with the use of a key. Although a secure way of locking your home because they cannot be easily picked, this type of lock may be dangerous during cases of emergency like a fire or a burglary because you may not be easily able to get out of the house without a key.

On the other hand, the deadlatch will self-lock when you close the door behind you, so you’re always secured. However, they are said to be easier to pick than deadbolts.

In choosing the right lock for your home, consider the kind of security you need. You have the option of combining these two kinds of lock for extra protection.

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