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Choosing the Right Locks for Your Home or Office

Choosing the Right Locks for Your Home or Office

Which lock is best for my situation?

One of the guilty pleasures of remodelling is picking new hardware for the property including door and window locks. Choosing the right locking system depends on what application the lock is being installed for, such as business or residential, security or internal. Besides choosing the most aesthetically pleasing ones for your project, you should always make sure to do your research and choose the ones with the best quality hardware available that are also compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

Research lock types and their uses

Having a secure premise should be your priority and keeping in mind that not all locks are created equal it’s very important to make sure they comply with industry standards – AS4145.4-2002 is the best to compare to.

Locksets and hardware on entrance and external doors need to stand up to physical security, picking, fire and corrosion resistance standards which will help you confidently choose the system right for you. Before purchasing, check for certification marks or symbols on the packaging (sometimes marked by a red tick and complying standard number).

To ensure the locks and deadbolts on your external and perimeter doors are installed properly, it is highly recommended that a qualified locksmith be the ones to install these systems correctly. The team at Ambassador Locksmiths is available 24/7 to help with your property’s security.

Types of door locks

There are many kinds of door locks and choosing the right one for your office is important for your safety.  Here are some types of locks that you can choose from. Remember, if you’re installing privacy sets, such as for a bathroom or bedroom, there must be a safety feature allowing you to unlock the door from outside in case of an emergency.

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Knob Lock

Commonly used in residential doors, a knob lock offers a simple and primary security for doors. Knob locks can easily be forced open which is why another form of lock should be installed with them.

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Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks are inexpensive options for small businesses. They function using a twist knob installed on the inside part of the door and a key which is used to open it from the outside.

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A padlock is a detachable lock with a U-shaped bar that comes in different sizes. Note that a padlock is fiddly and time-consuming to open in emergencies. It might not be the best choice for a door that needs locking and unlocking frequently.

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Keyless Door Lock

This type of lock uses an electric keypad where you can enter a numerical password. This type of lock is convenient and offers maximum security.

Home locks vs Office locks

The biggest difference between the locks you would purchase for the home and ones you might purchase for your office would be the quality of the lock. Locks used in high traffic areas such as offices will wear down a lot quicker than the locks you would have at home, so they need to be able to stand up to constant use, cleaning, and potentially multiple sets of keys. You still have a large collection of security options to fit your needs, but the selection most likely won’t be as large or extravagant as home locks.

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Office locks

Keep in mind who will have access to your office besides yourself:

  • Do you need to grant access to specific parts for specific people?
  • Where will you store keys or combinations?
  • What other internal security measures do you have such as CCTV and alarms?

Choosing a lock that will function best for your situation can take time but is well worth the investment. If you’ve got office spaces for each employee, consider installing digital locks with individual keycodes in addition to a master code. Alternatively, you could go the traditional skeleton key route if you prefer physical keys.

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Home locks

Your home security system still needs to be sturdy and dependable, but it doesn’t need to be as high quality as a commercial lock does. The chemicals you use to clean your home will be much gentler on the knobs and locks, plus reduced traffic numbers mean your locks should last longer than their counterparts.

Depending on your home situation, you may need to consider different types of locks for different areas of your home. If you have a home business, consider a more secure locking systems such as an external lock, to keep your home and office space separate.

If you are renting out a home, you should consider locks that are easy to change between renters. Digital locks can come with keys or without keys and can be accessed remotely which can come in handy if you need to let someone in but you’re not around.

Choosing the perfect lock

When push comes to shove, it is vital to ensure your locks will hold up to years of use and cleaning. Your locks should be bump proof, high quality, and easy to control who has access to your home or office. These days more and more users prefer the idea of a digital lock, because it is one less key to have to carry around and remember to carry around.

Choosing the perfect lock for your situation ultimately comes down to personal preference and personal circumstances. Your location and how much internal or external security you need may also greatly affect what sort of security system you should use beyond the basic deadbolt and doorknob locking systems. When you’re ready to pick your locks, contact the team at Ambassador Locksmiths to meet your best friend in the locksmithing industry today. Visit our website by clicking here or call us on 0407 452 424 any time, in case of lock out in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.