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Best Features You Get From a Security Door

Best Features You Get From a Security Door

Doors are an important element of your home. They stand between you and the rest of the outside world. They protect you and your family from intruders, harsh weather elements, animals, and prying eyes.

Doors and windows are two ways in which burglars can enter your home. Securing your windows is easier: you can do it with grates, or have them in a shape or size in which no human can go through. Doors are another issue. Locking your doors will be the first and most basic step in securing your home. However, most locks can be picked by burglars, and many can even be forcibly opened.

Choosing the right security doors

Security Doors offer more protection than your standard door. The mention of security doors may bring to mind cold, grey iron bars. Security doors don’t have to make your home look like a high-security prison, though. They can be made from aluminium, wood, or vinyl. They also come in different looks and designs, materials, and architectural themes. Many security doors can look stylish while doing their job.

Security door features that make them a great investment

Here are the best features that you can get from your security door.

1. They are designed for strength.

While regular doors can be flimsy and easily forced open, security doors are designed with integrity in mind. They are also be impact-resistant, designed with strong hinges and shatter-resistant glass. Your security door is also more likely to withstand stormy and windy weather, and of course, a break-in attempt. If an intruder cannot quickly smash or force his way through the door, then he might not bother continuing to try to get into your home.

2. They are burglar resistant.

Your security door is designed to resist burglars. Security doors undergo series of tests to ensure that they cannot easily be penetrated by burglars using tools, such as knives or a jemmy.

3. They are fire resistant.

A good quality security door is fire retardant. It will stop the spread of flames in an event of fire. Your security door should have undergone the following tests: Bush Fire Protection and Fire Attenuation. This ensures that you are protected from bushfire attacks and radiant heat.

4. They are weather resistant.

In regions where cyclones are common, security doors must take the cyclone screen test. This ensures that you and your family are protected from flying debris in the event of a cyclone or bad storm.

5. They are built to fit.

A security door can be custom built for your needs and specific requirement, so you can be sure that it is tailor-made for your home.

6. They look good.

Security doors are designed to look good as it performs. Aside from functionality, they are made with quality and craftsmanship in mind.

7. They have superior locks.

The best security doors will come with heavy duty keyed locks and deadbolts. Strong, good quality locks are essential to keeping your home safe and protected from break-in attempts.

8. They add value to your property.

A security door is an investment that not only protects you and everything you’ve worked for, it also adds value to your property. It can upgrade the asking price for your property if you decide to sell it in the future. Having security doors also help you save money for your property insurance.

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