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9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in

Take note of these steps, just in case.

Break-ins aren’t all fun and games like their portrayal in movies. When faced with the same situation in real life, the experience is scary and stressful. The situation can be life-threatening too. Thankfully, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported the lowest number of break-ins and burglaries nationwide in 9 years. Since 2017, there was a 4% decrease in New South Wales alone.

Although numbers are going down, Aussies should not become complacent. What are the odds that you’re home during a break-in? Imagine yourself watching your favourite series and then there was a knock on your door. When you failed to answer, the culprit opens the door and proceeds inside. What will you do? Here are 9 immediate steps you need to take:

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

1.  Stay alert but never panic!

It’s next to impossible to stay relaxed – and you shouldn’t be! However, keep your wits about you. Don’t panic; a present mind will help you get through these steps and get through the break-in. Who knows, a clear mind might be the only thing saving you from injury or, worse, death.

If you’re living with children or elderly, it’s important to have one person  to take charge. It can be you who’s responsible for everyone’s lives. In making life-saving decisions, staying alert is a must!

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

2.  Bring your phone, car keys, and any form of weapon.

Grab your phone and your car keys; both will be of good use for later. Right now, the priority is to never part with them. As for weapons, anything hard or threatening enough will do. Take it from Rapunzel sporting a frying pan in the Disney movie, Tangled. Remember, burglars carry weapons.  It’s best to have something to defend yourself with.

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

3.  Don’t make noises – not until you’re safe.

When asked, most kids say they will scream when there is danger. Screaming draws attention and helps mitigate the danger. Unfortunately, screaming can do more harm than good during break-ins. Why? Exactly because screaming draws attention and attracts danger towards you.

Intruders let their guards down thinking that the place is empty. Keep quiet. Mute alarms, notifications, other sounds, and ringtones in your phone. It’s better if you don’t encounter the person!

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

4.  Leave the premises, if you can.

There’s no shame in leaving the premises. Escaping is the safest option. Even if there’s a risk of injury, you need to leave the house. What’s a little bruise compared to staying at a place where there’s an unknown and possibly dangerous person?

Use the back door to escape. If the intruder is somewhere near that door, better use another way out. Maybe the windows? Try your best to leave quietly. Again, don’t forget to bring the essentials – your phone and car keys.

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

5.  Hide and lock yourself in.

If escaping is not an option, hide somewhere unnoticeable. Rooms or closets that lock from the inside is a good choice. Avoid places where burglars look first. Barricade the door with other furniture like tables or boxes. Keep quiet and stay inside with locked doors.

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

6.  Alert the authorities, your next-door neighbours, and your family.

After escaping or hiding away, now you can use your phone to call for help. Alert the authorities first. Dial Triple Zero (000) or 131-444. If you’re reading this now as a precaution, save these emergency numbers. They might just save your lives or someone else’s someday. State clearly your home address and your location inside. Mention any landmarks. If you had a glimpse of the intruder, better describe it to the operator.

After calling the police, contact your family. Warn them of the break-in if they are yet to come home. Tell them to call for help as well. As for your neighbours, ask them to be alert and lock their doors and windows. Save them from experiencing a break-in. Keep in mind, do all these silently if you are hiding.

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

7.  Use the weapon only when necessary.

Remember that weapon you grabbed earlier? Use such weapon ONLY if it is a matter of life and death. In such a tensed atmosphere, burglars react more violently seeing armed homeowners. If it comes to that, target a person’s weak points: the face, neck, and eyes.

When there’s no threat to your life, don’t use the weapon. You risk hurting yourself and others because of its wrong usage.

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

8.  Press the panic button on your car keys.

You have another weapon in your hands, and it won’t give away your hiding spot – whether inside your home or somewhere nearby. That’s right, it’s the car key you grabbed awhile back. Most car keys come with a panic button.

If your hiding spot is close to discovery or if you sense trouble coming your way, press the panic button. The loud and alarming sound should be enough for an intruder to hide or run away. This is also a distress call alerting neighbours. They will surely contact the police because of the disturbing sound. If you can’t call the police yourself, this is a good move to alert the authorities.

9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in » break-in

9.  Nothing else to do but wait.

Break-ins can last from minutes to hours. After taking the previous steps, the last thing you could do is wait it out. Sure, someone is taking away your prized possessions, your valuables, and your savings. But is it worth risking it? There is nothing more valuable than your life and safety.

Before going back home, wait until the police say it’s clear. Before coming out from your hiding spot, wait until someone trusted comes and gets you. Waiting isn’t being helpless. You are helping lessen the damage brought about by the break-in.

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