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7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Locks at Home

7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Locks at Home

Locks and keys are the first lines of defence against potential intruders, which is why they are an essential component of home security. However, no matter how sophisticated the sensors, cameras and alarms are, they will not be able to keep your family safe if the locks are compromised.

For many homeowners, the front door lock is the most important component of any security system as it prevents unauthorised access to their property. But just having locks on all entry points is not enough because they wear out over time or may become faulty due to poor quality.

In this article, you will learn how to spot locks that need either replacement or re-keying. We also discuss when to upgrade your locks and why hiring a professional Newcastle locksmith to do it is more cost-effective than a DIY job.

7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Locks at Home » Locks

Change Locks vs. Re-keying

If your locks are faulty or worn out, you have two options: re-keying or changing them altogether. Replacing your locks is more expensive and time-consuming, but re-keying is cheaper and only takes a few minutes to finish the job.

When changing locks, the locksmith will replace the entire lock of your door and give you a new set of keys, whereas in re-keying, the locksmith will take your lock apart and then replace the mechanism inside to fit a new key.

When is Re-keying a better option?

Lock re-keying is becoming a popular alternative to changing locks. This process involves changing the internal pins so that the original keys no longer work. Because it is quicker and requires fewer components, re-keying is cheaper than replacing locks.

However, re-keying may not be an option if the lock is faulty or damaged. The lock must be in good working condition for it to be rekeyed. If your locks are broken or worn out, then replacing them is the best course of action.

Take a look around the house and see if it’s time to upgrade your locks. Ambassador Locksmiths offers 24/7 re-keying and replacement services as well as advanced security solutions.

7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Locks at Home » Locks

7 Signs you need to upgrade your locks at home

If you see any or all of these signs, then it is best to contact Ambassador Locksmiths to help upgrade your residential locks.

1. Your locks or keys are damaged

Locks and keys take so much abuse on a daily basis, and just like any other mechanical system, heavy use can lead to eventual depreciation. When locks are broken, they can be challenging to open and close. If they are completely damaged, they could make your home vulnerable.

If the damage is minimal, a locksmith can fix it through re-keying. But if the damage is extensive, then a lock-and-key replacement is best. There are different grades of locks available on the market, so be meticulous when buying.

Low-quality locks will be easy to break in and gain access with simple lock picking tools such as bump keys. If you’re looking to upgrade your traditional locks to a more modern system, you may ask your locksmith about adding the following:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Alarms
  • Access control
  • Motion sensors
  • Restricted key systems
  • Master key systems

2. Your locks are faulty, aging, or worn-out

It is easy to pick a worn-out lock that is already rusting. If the locks are showing signs of age or are faulty, then it is time to have them changed.

3. You are moving to a new home

Whether you are moving to a new home or one that was previously owned by someone else, you should always change the locks. Even if you are the first owner of a property, someone could have made a spare key while your house was under construction.

4. Someone broke into your home

According to the latest home burglary statistics in Australia, 20.3% of Australian homes have fallen prey to burglars at some point.

If someone had broken into your home through the door the window, contact a locksmith immediately and have your locks rekeyed or changed. Even if they came in through a lockless entry point, they could have made a copy of a spare key that you left at home.

5. You have lost your spare keys

If you cannot find your spare keys, you might want to consider changing your locks. Whether you misplaced it or accidentally dropped it somewhere, anyone could find them and gain access to your house. It’s even worse if there is any information attached to the key that identifies you or the address of your house.

If you notice that house, car or garage keys have gone missing, you must assume that your property has been compromised and need extra security.

6. Your living situation has changed

When children grow up and move out, it can be more practical for couples to move to a smaller place and convert their family home to a transient. But before renting out your property, be sure to change the locks and have them rekeyed every 10 years or so. Family breakdowns such as divorce, separation, and domestic violence may also necessitate re-keying or changing locks.

7. You have new tenants

If you own an investment property, it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment for the occupants of the building. Whenever new tenants come in, the building owner or property manager must consider changing the locks and giving them a new set of keys.

For those offering short-term rental like Airbnb, you could rekey or change the locks once every five years or so as part of regular maintenance. Cleaners, tradies, and real estate agents may also have access to your keys, so keep a tab on who goes in and out of your property.

7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Locks at Home » Locks

Is it time to upgrade your home locks?

Whether you are moving to a new house, have experienced a break-in, or lost a key, it is time to upgrade your home security. You have the option to have your locks rekeyed if they are still in good working condition. But if the locks are already worn out or damaged, then you should invest in a new set of locks and keys.

Security is paramount in any home. If you think your locks have been compromised, get in touch with Ambassador Locksmiths by visiting https://www.ambassadorlocksmiths.com.au, by leaving a message using our contact form or call us on 0407 452 424 at any time of any day. Our professional locksmiths can help you choose and install the right security solutions even in emergency situations.