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20 Tips for Securing Your Shed

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed

Why do your shed locks matter?

Many Australian homeowners store expensive items in their shed such as gardening and power tools, the kids’ bikes, pool cleaning equipment, and even motor vehicles and boats. For this reason, your shed is an attractive target for burglars, especially since they are usually thought of as being less secure than the main house and could allow intruders to gain access to the rest of the property, if there is a door to the house attached.

How to secure your shed

This is why your shed locks matter. This is why it should be a priority to secure your shed, make it less appealing to criminals and keep your belongings safe by following these important safety tips.

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed » Shed

1. Restrict access to your shed

Your first line of defence is a secure gate, with reliable locks, and a sturdy fence to stop people from entering the property so easily.

2. Keep your shed locked at all times

An open, unprotected shed will look inviting to the opportunist thief, so always keep your outdoor shed locked when not in use. You should also lock your shed whenever you leave it for an extended period, even if you plan to return.

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed » Shed

3. Replace old locks

Are your locks worn out or broken? Maybe it’s time to replace them. We recommend a high-quality hasp and padlock that is water and rust resistant, if you prefer traditional locks. Make sure a screwdriver cannot pick the hasp. Also, choose a closed-shackle padlock that is much harder to access with bolt cutters. The most secure way to install a lock is to get a local, qualified locksmith to complete the job for you to the highest standard.

4. Check the structural integrity of your shed

Check for loose panels, rotten door frames and broken windows, and then replace them as soon as is financially possible. Next, patch up any holes or gaps on the roof and fence, to make it difficult for thieves to access the contents of your shed.

5. Check the door

If the shed door does not close shut, fix it. Apart from intruders, a broken door will let in unwanted creepy crawlies, furry wildlife, and even bad weather.

6. Check the Hinges

Make sure that any door or secure container hinges cannot be easily removed. Non-returnable security screws or coach bolts are among your best options.

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed » Shed

7. Check the windows

Windows are great for natural lighting but can also offer free access to criminals if they are too low, too big, or ill-fitting. If your shed has windows, consider adding wire mesh as reinforcement.

8. Plant around your shed

You can make it difficult for burglars to get near your shed if you plant thorny bushes and spiky, prickly plants around the structure. If your garden has over-grown shrubs, trim them to just the right length that someone cannot hide behind.

9. Make Some Noise

Decorate the pathways with gravel so you can hear footsteps approaching.

10. Cover your windows

If your valuables are visible from the outside, install some curtains, blinds, or any window covering to keep them away from prying eyes. These can also help regulate the temperature in your shed on a hot day.

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed » Shed

11. Store away your ladders

If you own a multiple-storey house, a ladder laying around could be an invitation for thieves to access the upper floors of your home.

12. Organise and secure your belongings

Organise your tools in a cubby system with locks to keep your expensive equipment out of sight. Lock away tools that could assist burglars in breaking into your house, including ladders, hammers and screwdrivers. Big items like lawnmowers, bikes and motorcycles should be chained to the floor. Purchasing a strong enough lock from a reliable locksmith’s, such as Ambassador Locksmiths in Newcastle, NSW is extremely important – if the lock isn’t strong enough, it could be broken and your items may be stolen regardless

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed » Shed

13. Keep your garden well-lit

Proper lighting in your front yard and backyard can further deter burglars. To save on electricity costs, try installing solar-powered garden lights.

14. Install motion-sensor lights

If you do not want to surround your property with bright lights, you can install motion-sensor lamps to scare away anyone who attempts to climb your fence or get near the shed.

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed » Shed

15. Install security cameras

For amateur burglars, the mere presence of a security camera may be enough for them to walk away and, if a more adventurous thief does break in, cameras offer solid evidence that can lead to their arrest and hopefully recovery of your property.

16. Install an alarm system

Thanks to wireless technology, it is now easy and cheap to add alarms and sensors to existing security systems. Don’t forget to include your shed when upgrading your home alarm system.

17. Keep an inventory

With an updated inventory, you will be able to identify what’s missing in case of a break-in. Keep a list of all the items in your shed, as well as their respective serial numbers. Make sure that expensive equipment is clearly marked as your property as recommended by the Australian Police.

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed » Shed

18. Be careful where you store your keys

Many people hide their padlock keys under a mat or rock near the shed. Please refrain from doing this, no matter how convenient it may be. You will only make it easy for burglars to gain access to your shed, and perhaps, your home.

19. Add your shed to your insurance policy

Many people assume that their home insurance coverage automatically includes the shed. It does not. Unless it is specified, make sure that the policy covers your shed.

With the contents of your shed insured, you know that it is even more important to keep it secure. Just like a break-in at your house, the insurance company will scrutinise the circumstances surrounding the theft in your shed. It could look less favourably at your claim if the door was left unlocked.

20 Tips for Securing Your Shed » Shed

20. Add an extra lock

If you have plenty of high-value stuff stored in your shed, you might want to consider installing another lock as an additional deterrent. The best type of lock for a shed door is one with bolts that go right through the wood, with a welded hinge pin that is difficult to knock off with a hammer. Click here to see a wide range of locks from Ambassador Locksmith’s.

Secure Your Shed with Ambassador Locksmiths

You never know when thieves may be lurking around. Don’t make them feel comfortable enough to break into your shed because the lock looks easy to pick. Here at Ambassador Locksmiths, we can help you choose the best locking system for your yard. Combined with our recommended security measures in place, you can stop potential burglars in their tracks.

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