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10 Things to Do When You Get Locked Out Of Your Home

10 Things to Do When You Get Locked Out Of Your Home

Has this ever happened to you? Coming home from a long day of work and realising you forgot your keys? Or deciding to take a quick trip to the store and finding you don’t have your keys with you after locking the door? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence that it has surely happened to almost everyone.

Next time you get locked out of your home, why not try these tips below? Better to be ready than to be sorry!

1. Contact other family members or friends.

The first thing you can do is try to contact other family members or friends who live with you. They may be inside the house and can easily unlock the door for you. If you have your cell phone with you, you can send a quick text message or call them so they’ll know you are locked out. They may even lend you their keys, if they have their own. However, if you live alone, there are other things you can do.

2. Find a neighbour.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can ask help from a neighbour. This is essential  if you don’t have a cell phone with you. They can help you contact someone who can help. They can even let you stay with them while you try to solve the lockout problem.

3. Call your landlord.

If you live in an apartment complex, or are just renting out, it could be a good idea to call your landlord. Usually, they have the keys to all the units in the apartment or a master key that could easily open your door.

4. Look for any unlocked windows.

Another idea to consider would be to look for any unlocked windows and try to enter from there. Of course, it would be better to lock all your windows before leaving the house. But in the off chance you didn’t, an unlocked window is a convenient entry point.

Do remember to be careful when attempting this stunt to prevent any accidents or injuries. Take note of any furniture or items that may be lying directly below the window when shimmying in.

5. Ask for help.

A friend or neighbour may just be willing to help you out. Inform them of your current situation and ask for any ideas or solutions regarding your lockout problem. They can help you in picking your locks or giving you a lift when you need to climb into any unlocked window.

6. Try to unlock your own door.

Another solution you can consider is picking your own lock. You can use an old credit card, though this technique only works on spring bolts found on standard-issue doorknobs. Be sure to use a card that is not all too important, as it could be possibly damaged.

Avoid using credit cards and the like. It is recommended to use a laminated card that you could easily insert between the door and its frame. Press on the door with one hand, creating a space you can insert the card into. Then, by wiggling the card with some force between the spaces, you’ll be able to disengage the lock mechanism.

7. Take off the doorknob.

By taking the doorknob apart, you can manually disengage the lock. Removing doorknobs would require a screwdriver or a paperclip. You can borrow from a neighbour if necessary, or even use tools found in your car.

By unfastening the mounting screws on the knob, you can take the entire thing apart. You can then pull the knob free of the door and remove the latch. If the doorknob has a pin-sized hole at the side instead of mounting screws, straighten the paperclip. Insert it deep into the hole as possible while twisting the knob and pushing on the door to further open it.

8. Remove the hinges of the door.

Another thing you can try to do is remove the hinges and open the door that way. You will need a nail and a tool for pounding, such as a hammer or a rock. Placing the nail at the bottom of the hinge opening, then hitting it with a hammer or rock will push the hinge pin out and dismantle the door hinges.

9. Go somewhere else for the meantime.

When locked out of your home with no one inside, the easiest thing you could do is contact someone, a family member or friend, who has keys with them. You can then simply wait outside for them to arrive or go somewhere else, like a nearby store, mall, or restaurant. Who knows, you may even get things done outside or have some quality time for yourself while waiting for those with keys to go home.

10. Call a locksmith.

One of the easiest and sure-fire ways for you to be able to gain access to your home again is to call a locksmith. They have the equipment and tools along with the proper training to dismantle your locks. For a fee, they can break into your house without causing any damage at all.

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