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Keeping Your Belongings Safe at the Gym

Keeping Your Belongings Safe at the Gym

People who attend a gym might not feel the need to protect their valuables with a lock, as they feel as though they’re part of a trusted community of members. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and you shouldn’t always be so trusting when it comes to storing your valuables. A criminal blends in at the gym. You need to carefully consider how to prevent theft at the gym by keeping your belongings safe.

You have to decide where you are going to put your belongings. Whether you are going to store valuables on your person, leave them in the car, or decide to use one of the lockers. There are considerations for each, as no method of mobile security is ever foolproof.

Locker rooms are filled with unattended jewellery, electronics, credit cards and cash, but they don’t have security cameras and often are designed to allow for privacy.

Follow these steps to keep your belongings safe at the gym:

Know your gym’s crime-prevention policies

While the gym may not take responsibility for your stolen valuables, they should assist you in investigating and ensuring you report it to the police.

If you’re leaving valuable items in your car, don’t make it obvious

If you do not hide your belongings within the car, you are showing anyone walking by what they have to gain by just breaking a window. If they’re an experienced criminal, they may not even have to break a window to gain access. It’s best to take into the gym what you absolutely need, although if you’re coming from work you may have a laptop, tablet, or other valuable items with you. Make use of your boot if pedestrians walking past cannot see in, otherwise ensure you do your best to hide items in the glovebox or under a seat.

Gym lockers have more layers of security than your car as people often spend an hour or more in the gym, meaning the car park is often empty and there aren’t many witnesses.

Choose lockers near the end of the row

If you are taking in valuable items into the gym, make sure you choose a locker near the end of the row, ones that are seen by more people and hopefully means they are less likely to be tampered with.

If you use your own lock, don’t make it a cheap one

Don’t use a $5 lock for a $1000 phone. There’s no need to go overboard but a good, reliable lock is needed if you’re leaving your valuables for the time that you’re in the gym. Ask your gym if they have extra security, perhaps they have lockers for higher paying members through a security door. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

If your property is stolen, report it so the police can compare the information to other incidents

You should always report something like this as it allows authorities to see any patterns occurring. There’s also the slim chance that they may be able to retrieve your stolen valuable items, although even if they can’t, you should always report these incidents.

Be smart, don’t take unnecessary items to the gym, especially if they are valuable. Think about the security risks of leaving items in your car, in your locker or even by your side as you move around the gym.

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